Toryism and modernity

Wikipedia states:

‘The word comes from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, modern Irish tóraí — outlaw, robber, from the Irish word tóir, meaning ‘pursuit’, since outlaws were “pursued men”

Originally the word ‘Tory’ was a term of insult, as was the word ‘Whig’, as is often the case, the insult was adopted by those it was supposed to insult and worn as a badge of pride.

Just to impress this point on you, I am not a member of the British Conservative Party, I do not support them nor any other party, I describe myself as a Tory in the old sense of the word!

I like the original meaning of the word, it seems apt to me, as I feel as if I’m an outlaw or a pursued man with the beliefs I hold. I despise democracy and all the feel good propaganda that goes with it, I despise those politicians who seem such little men compared with those from even a century ago, I despise their smallness, their ignorance and their pandering to the basest instincts.

I despise their attitude toward our culture, history and faith, they obviously hold them in contempt, as they banish Christianity from the school rooms, or even worse, make a mockery of it. They hold homosexuality and those who practice it in the sort of regard we used to hold the saints!

Women are led to believe that the highest goal in life is to get a job, and that there is nothing wrong with acting like a slut, because hey, men have been doing it for so long, why can’t we?

Then they wonder why they can’t get married, and before they know it, they are 35 years old, single, overweight and childless!

Our modern world is so full of lies, and we believe those lies, we live by these lies and as we see, people die by those lies!

The old truths of faith, family, honour, decency, loyalty, duty and sacrifice are now ridiculed, they are laughed at, as cynicism, selfishness, promiscuity, sloth and greed are elevated to new heights, this is the new morality.

These lies promise to liberate us, indeed, we are assailed every day by advertisements, songs, political propaganda and other trash telling us to ‘just do it’, to ignore morality and do ‘what feels good to us’, to dismiss honour and decency and duty for a one night stand.

How pathetic is our rotten culture? How sad are those who live by this new morality?

I would rather be an outlaw, a bandit a Tory!!

One thought on “Toryism and modernity

  1. I’m a tory in the old sense as well. I’m an Ulster Unionist, supporter of the hereditary principle in the House of Lords and a supporter of British Imperialism. I write under the name of Charles Sibthorp (After the Victorian Tory MP) on the website, Booksie. I’ve published an easy called A Note on… Reactionary Toryism. Could you check it out and see what you think.

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