A Cold Wind blows

It looks as if the financial chickens are coming home to roost! A bank run in the UK all but bankrupted Northern Rock a few months ago, something which the socialist government there seems unable to comprehend, they seem to think government has the power to dictate how economies go! But most governments assume this, that’s why they say things like ‘this government has created 3 million new jobs’.

No you didn’t, businessmen and entrepreneurs did, in spite of you!

Now the American banking sector looks like it is on the precipice of collapse, the like we have not seen for seventy years. Bear Stearns is bankrupt, although they don’t say that, they say it is ‘being rescued’, but the reality is the recklessness and greed of the nineties and the noughties will have to be repaid, whether we like it or not.

Now there are rumours circulating about Citigroup and Lehman Brothers and their viability. This is fine for the people involved, as they will just get a payout and go into early retirement, for the rest of us it means some very leans years ahead at best.

You see, when greedy men, in concert with greedy and dishonest politicians decide to defraud the people, there is nothing we can do to stop it, they will tell us everything is fine, that there is no reason to be fearful, indeed they will involve us in the fraud, as long as they get the lion’s share of the reward and are exposed to little of the consequences of the crime.

The government gets its share by taxing the fraudulent exchanges, and debasing the currency, have you ever wondered why your Euro or Pound or Dollar is worth less then it was ten years ago? Well, its because they create new money and give it to the financiers in the City of London, Frankfurt and New York, once they have spent it, your money loses its value meaning your Euro is now only worth the equivalent of ninety cents before the government debased it.

This goes on year after year, taxes go up to keep up with this slow motion devaluation and we, the normal people, are squeezed, whilst the government and financiers get wealthy on our backs.

I used to wonder why God forbade his people to charge interest on loans or got involved in what I thought were little things like scales and measurements, I think I understand now, I see the sin that these financiers get into, the greed that this fraud called ‘International Finance’ creates in people, the lies, deceit and theft we all become entangled in.

I recall talking to my parents and grandparents about money when they were young, in fact my grandmother gave me some old coins, some going back to the 1885, bearing the portrait of Queen Victoria, some had the face of Edward VII on them, and these coins were still in circulation in Ireland in the seventies!

It means that the currency had not been debased in such a reckless and debauched way, it meant that a penny issued in 1885 was still being used to buy things in 1973! That is unbelievable to me, as I have seen two currencies in circulation, and various notes and coins which long ago became useless.

Surely there is something wrong when the Pound, Shillings and Pence we used to use, managed to retained their value for centuries seeing small and insignificant inflation, to what we see now when the successor to the Pounds, Shillings and Pence is now all but worthless?

If a man from the time of James I, spoke to a man from the time of Victoria about money, they would broadly understand each other, if any had the misfortune to talk to a man of today, they would be unable to understand how a pound is now worthless! This is the work of the greedy and dishonest men who inhabit governments all about the world, the habit of inflation, of debauching of the currencies.

The fairy tale world of ‘International Finance’ is coming to a close, unfortunately for us, it is we, who will feel the cold wind of recession, not the ones responsible!

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