American Puppy Killers

It is odd, is it not, that after possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq, after massacres of civilians by United States Marines and soldiers, after torture of dusky looking men in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other undisclosed places around the world. After showering cities, farms and villages with some of the most potent of modern weaponry, after allowing Islamists to terrorise the Christians of the Middle East into flight or hiding, Americans are finally becoming outraged with their Armed Forces, not for any of the above, no, they are outraged that a young American in uniform apparently killed a puppy!

Does anyone else see something profoundly strange, indeed, perverse about the above?

Yes, it was not nice what they did, I thought ‘the poor thing’ when I watched it, but it is not a man or a child or a woman, it is a dog! A puppy, it is not human!

It seems that Americans have their morals all inverted, they come across as self righteous, born again Christians, yet, their nation has spawned most of the ills of the modern world! From the Gay rights agenda to feminism, from the largest porn industry in the world, to a wreckless disregard for the lives of non – Americans.

And yet, when a puppy is killed, they see nothing odd, nothing strange with venting fury on this soldier who betrayed a nastiness inherent in most Americans, a nastiness that they see nothing wrong with when Arabs or Afghans or ‘Gooks’ are on the receiving end!

If this is what is upsetting modern Americans, then they are in for a shock, this sort of arrogance and blinded self righteousness will not go unpunished for very much longer.

The video is here,

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