Serbia’s betrayal

It is done, Kosovo is now ‘independent’ from Serbia, Those United States, Britain, France and Germany have recognised this statelet as an equal!

Serbia has finally been dismembered.

I remember the bombing of Serbia in 1999, I also remember the earlier bombing of the Serbs in Bosnia in 1995 and feeling that the Serbs had been turned into bogey men by the media. The press, as is so often the case, need a good story, Bosia became the story of the good Muslims and the bad Serbs, is it not interesting how Christians always end up as the bad guys? Think of the Christians in Lebanon or the Spanish civil war.

Whilst I so not condone murder of any kind, and am suspicious of all wars and the insigators of those wars, the wars in the Balkans were none of our business. The desire to help the unfortunate victims is an admirable one, the desire to send money and relief a natural response to suffering, but the demand to bomb one side implies that they are the ‘baddies’.

The Serbs may have been involved in terrible crimes, they may have sinned grievously, but this is for them and their consciences, not us and our bombs! The Serbs were not the only ones to commit crimes in those conflicts, the Muslims imported Hisbollah and other Islamic radicals who massacred Christians and beheaded their enemy, the Muslim militias were as violent and merciless as any Serb, as were the Croats!

But for our media, that would not do, the story had to be simple and understandable to the audience, so, Serbs = bad, Muslims = victims.

In Kosovo, the KLA has been waging a guerilla war for months before the Serbian army went in to root them out, people fled as they do in war, and so the press decided to rehash the same story of Serb = bad, Muslim = victim for this new story.

Then the Serbs were bombed again, their nation left in ruins, humiliated and vilified, isolated in the world for trying to defend their country against what would now be described as ‘terrorists’.

In fact what is the difference between what those United States has done in Afghanistan and what is continues to do and what Serbia did in Kosovo?

Well, Kosovo is Serbian soil, and Albanian terrorists were atacking police stations and ethnically cleansing Serbs from their own homes. Kosovo has been the centre of the ancient Serbian kingdoms for centuries, as recently as the 1940s, the Serbs were a majority in Kosovo, but higher birth rates and migration from Albania meant that by the late 1990s the Serbs were a minority. This is when the Albanians decided to make a bid for power.

The KLA is a criminal orginisation, it runs prostitution rings around Europe, is the main supplier of heroin in Europe and also smuggles guns to other criminal orginisations. These are the same people the west allied itself to in 1999.

In contrast Afghanistan has never been American, and although it hosted Al Qaida, has never actually attacked those United States, yet the Americans continue to kill Afghans and drop bombs and mines, but thats ok because Americans are not nasty Serbs, right?

Never mind the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed by the ‘nice, unlike the Serbs, Americans’.

Hypocricy knows no humilty

I believe that this action by the west has further alienated Russia and eastern Christendom from the west, from the criminal sacking of Constantinople in 1204, to the abandonment of our Christian brothers to the Turks in later centuries, to the sneering contempt for Russia, we in the west have earned suspicion and distrust from the east, this reckless action will just continue this unfortunate and avoidable schism.

Today the west has empowered Islam once again, we have alienated the Orthodox and probably instigated a new cold war, it seems our foolishness and selfishness know no bounds!

Perhaps some day we will grow up?


One thought on “Serbia’s betrayal

  1. As today, Serbian slowly are opening brain, and using “clever” way to fight for Kossovo – but till this politician are on power, “democracy” will be in the passive state – because todays government are strictly in hands of USA politicioan, who by way – destroied Yugoslavia.

    When we see history, what was promised to all separatist politician from Slovenia, Croatia and others – it nothing happen. Slovenia are member of EU and even received one “big” role recently – as today in Slovenia all are unhappy with high inflation and position in EU that Slovenia have. Serbia and Croatian didn’t even have an “tehnical” chance to be member of UE in near future – and all see that role in EU for Balkan countries are just to be SLAVE (JugosSLAVIAN).

    This is simple mistake of “great power” of Europe – they made same mistake also in Austr-Hungarian Empire, Turkish Empare, Thirtd Reich – all of them made same mistake – they took Balkanian people like slave – and all the time, after period of suffering Jugoslavian united and defended great powers.

    best regards to all

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