The prostitute called ‘Democracy’

I got a comment to the Onion News Network satire bellow, the poster the self named ‘Dirty European Socialist’ stated Democracy is always better the monarchy.

I would disagree, I am unaware of the British queen’s wealth, and see that as irrelevant to the issue of whether someone is a monarchist or not.

The problem with politicians is that the seek office, that those who do so are by nature odd, egotistical and usually desire money as well as power, so once in a position of power seek to enrich themselves at our expense, I believe that Elizabeth II inherited much of her wealth and has invested wisely over the past 50 + years resulting in her very healthy bank account.

The 17 billion quoted is something I am unaware of and am not certain whether this includes such places as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace which belong to the Crown and not personally to Elizabeth Windsor.

The strength of monarchy is exactly that it is an accident of birth, that most monarchs are wealthy and have everything they can want, there is no reason to implement a ‘programme’ to prove or to feign activity or concern, they have no reason to enrich themselves as they are already rich beyond anyone’s dreams, and they have nothing to prove.

A lazy King would be a big improvement on an elected politician seeking to secure his position and please his constituency at the expense of his enemies!

But anyway, one comment shall not convert me to what I see as the con that is called ‘democracy’, a false god that promises much and makes us think we actually have a say in how we are constantly defrauded, taxed and censured by the ‘democratically’ elected government!

I have decided to include an interesting HBO video on the Diebold voting machines here, it describes what can happen and most probably happens in the ‘land of the free’.

Hacking Democracy

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