A King for Georgia?

Gerald Warner in the Telegraph suggests that a restoration of their ancient monarchy may be the way to definitively show their separateness from Russia, seems not a bad idea to me, especially if it means the ousting of that oaf Saakashvilli!

Mr Warner seems to be thinking of a King Juan Carlos situation, myself, I would hope any restoration of monarchy would be a genuine restoration of political power and influence to a king, not some excuse for glorified tourist tat!

The Catholicos of the Georgian Church, Ilia II has suggested a restoration of the monarchy, causing debate among the various parties in the Georgian Parliament.

The problem with most ‘Constitutional Monarchs’, is that they are in fact, not very ‘constitutional’ at all, they are absent monarchs or plastic monarchs. Kings and queens without power sidelined by bitter republicans who resent the symbolism they represent. Too many monarchs are imprisoned, imprisoned at the politicians pleasure, with the Sword of Damocles hanging over them, the slime ball politicos ready and waiting for an excuse to abolish that monarchy.

What I would like to see, is a King of Georgia with powers similar to those the Princes of Monaco and Lichtenstein wield, that to me is a proper constitutional monarchy, one where the monarch works as part of the constitution, not as a fancy decoration.

I hope that Georgia can use this defeat to right itself, to restore it’s rightful king and depose that American stooge Saakashvilli, then perhaps it can seek friendship with Holy Mother Russia and the wounds opened over the past few decades and the war fought over the last fortnight can be consigned to memory.

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