A New Cold War?

If we are indeed to have a new Cold War as many American pundits seem to be dreaming of, I know with whom I will stand. Holy Mother Russia!

The leaders of the west are spineless worms, unworthy of our great heritage, they have continually betrayed us, they have sold us out, they scorn us and our past. They are the ultimate anti-westerners.

Russia is a Christian nation, it is a true nation, not like the hollowed out states that pass for nations in the west anymore.

I despised the Soviet Union, mainly because of the spiritual rape it committed on the Russian people, the new Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Russia, one of the last European nations to stand up for itself, it is being threatened and bullied by the very same monsters who threaten and bully us, Russia is our most natural of allies, we must work with Russia in this new ‘Cold War’, it is the leaders of the west and especially the leadership of the United States that are the true threat to the continuity of our culture, our ‘way of life’.

The hypocrisy of the American administration is stupefying, they condemn Russia for recognising Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet do not seem to think their illegal and immoral betrayal of the Serbs over Kosovo is not many times worse, what are these people smoking?

In all our travails, we at least have one true ally, that is Russia.

God save Holy Mother Russia!

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