Ireland says No!

Does anyone think this is the end of it?

Well, most of our pan-European elite believe not.

I did not vote, I thought it pointless, my father voted no, my mother and brothers were unable as we had a family funeral to attend in Limerick, but, the overall opinion of everyone I’ve talked to about the ‘vote’ has been one of delight that the pompous politicians have been defeated.

I must admit, I have enjoyed watching the squirming of those elites, the incomprehension, the emotional devastation, it is truly wonderful. However, this will not stop them, this is in fact not yet a defeat, to achieve that we would have to reject all further referenda put before us, we would have to vote out sitting TDs who were those using threats against us, telling us we were ‘in the driving seat, but we had to be careful where we drove’, I don’t think that will happen.

But, for now, lets enjoy this short time, in a few months something will have been agreed and that will be that!

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