Is London’s Future Islamic?


Time Out Magazine, had an interesting and slightly disturbing article back in June 2007 with the above title, the magazine is a ‘whats on in London’ type rag I remember well from my few years years there. It is a typical left wing establishment publication, and as such takes for granted all of the left wing victories of the past century as the norm.

I found this article recently and was almost gaging as I read the sickly Islamophile propaganda that was so blatant, one could mistake it for a parody of what left wingers regularly write.

Apparently Time Out think Islam would be great because of the public health benefits! Such as washing feet and hands on a daily basis! I was under the impression most people had a bath or shower on a daily basis? Perhaps the men and women at Time Out don’t?

The next point they make it that Islam is more ecologically friendly then Londoners presently are! I think that is a sop to the greenies!

The next point they make is that Muslims do better at school, this is probably correct, as Muslim families have structure, fathers and stay at home mothers to make sure they don’ go off the rails, unlike most white children in London.

They then go on to say that religious minorities would be better off due to the Dhimma!

In fact the writer seems to think that an Islamic London would be a left wingers dream come true!

Well, my amazement at such naivete never seems to prepare of the next load of non-sense, spoken or written by people who know little or nothing about the realities of Islam, and the reality of living as a minority of some sort under the religious rule of Islamic fanatics!

It seems strange that writers, such as the one writing for Time Out, would actually wish this upon themselves, it is they who would be the first to suffer. It is all that they hold dear that would be destroyed, something I could quite readily stand aside for!

Although I could happily stand aside and watch the fury of this coming Islamic storm sweep away all that the secularists, atheists, communists, feminists and other assorted lefties have achieved in the past century, I also realise that this would only be a temporary reprieve from the storm myself, as once they have done away with the most obvious insults to their god, they would turn on us, the ones who believe in the real God, we would have persecution like we have never known, persecution of the type the Copts, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks experienced to today! No doubt the godless would readily embrace Islam as a way to avoid any trouble, taking delight in our own travails, perhaps even joining in!

Islam is not only growing in London, it grows in Ireland, in Dublin and Cork, more and more arrive, we must ask ourselves, are we ready to ditch all that we were? Are we ready to become something else, just because we can’t be bothered doing anything about it?

I’m afraid the answer is an apathetic ‘whatever’.


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