Jean Gambell dies

I remember reading about a poor woman Jean Gambell, who was falsely accused of theft of half a Crown when she was 15 years of age in 1937. She was arrested, sectioned for some reason and then she disappeared into the system.

The Half Crown was latter found, so no crime was actually committed!

Yet, Jean remained in custody.

She was kept in Lunatic asylums and Orwellian named ‘care homes’ until someone realised she was not mad and in fact had been telling the truth all the years she had been kept incarcerated by the ‘caring state’!

Well, one month after she was released, after being robbed of her life, she has died!

I bet the ‘care system’ is wiping its brow, and sighing with relief, they don’t have to apportion blame or give out any ‘compo’ now the old bat is dead! Such good timing!

Those lying, thieving scumbags!

‘She was sectioned under the 1890 Lunacy Act and even though the money was later found, she has been moved from mental institution to mental institution. More recently, she went into a care home and has been lost to her family, who thought she was dead.’

This poor girl had her entire life taken from her! All because of a mistake, or perhaps petty malice that got out of control?

Ah yes, remember this the next time someone tells you, ‘there should be a law to prevent such and such’ or ‘the government should so something about such and such’, remember this and tell them that this is what happens when the government does something, it does this because it does not care, it does this because, it is run by weak people who make mistakes, it is like this because the types of people who work for government agencies are usually lazy, incompetent or both.

“I couldn’t believe it. I suddenly realised that my sister was still alive. I rang the care home straight away and they confirmed that our sister was there.” He and his brother Alan, who had last seen their sister as small children when she was allowed to visit home with two wardens as guards, travelled to the Macclesfield home.

They were told by staff that their 85-year-old sister was deaf, could only communicate in writing and was very unlikely to remember them.
“A little old lady on walking sticks came in,” said Alan. “She looked at us and cried out: ‘Alan…David’. Then she put her arms around us. It was very emotional.
“I am sure that what has kept her going all these years was the challenge of proving to the authorities that she had a family. The trouble was, nobody would listen to her.”

This is such a sad story, what wickedness was done to this poor girl, they took away her life, they took away the potential for her to have children, they took away her grandchildren and her husband, they took away her chance of having a home, a family and love, they stole what is most precious, her freedom, and now no compensation can repay her for this great evil done to her.

It makes no difference that this was an unintentional evil, it makes no difference if there were people who worked around her that were nice, thoughtful and friendly, it makes no difference if people really believed they were doing the best they could for her, in the end, they are as guilty as the most ruthless kidnappers, thieves or murderers.

‘She spent years, lost in a maze of institutions and care homes, trying to convince people in authority that she had a family. But nobody would believe her.’

They took this girl away from her friends and family, her father and mother died not knowing her fate, she not knowing theirs.

Such wickedness!

I just hope she can now rest in peace, the government and it’s ‘care system’, can no longer torment her!




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