Sarkozy wants more immigrants

The current French president Nicholas Sarkozy was probably someone you thought of as ‘right wing’, this is the man who called the beur rioters ‘scum’ in 2005, this is the man who promised to reform France!

Yet, It seems that no sooner then he had been elected to the office of the president, then he promptly plunged his knife into those people who had voted for him, why does this happen so often? Whether it is your TD, MP, MEP or any other number of acronyms, they vow to serve you and then once elected, strangely turn on you!

Well, perhaps that is just democracy in action?

Well, Mr Sarkozy has decided to to go one better and pretty much demand the replacement of his subjects, the French with Arabs, he calls it a Mediterranean Union, very much like the ‘Eurabia‘ of legend, which was officially begun with the Barcelona Process in 1995.

What is means for us, is that we give the governments of North Africa and the Middle East money, technology and diplomatic support and condemnation of Israel and in return we allow millions of their people to immigrate here as a sort of safety valve for their regimes, if we can get them jobs so they can send money home, then all the better, although it seems inevitable that many will end up on benefit. Another benefit is that we get a regular supply of oil.

It is sold to us by dangling the prospect of ending illegal immigration, controlling terrorism and increasing trade, who can be against these things?

Illegal immigration will continue, because our governments are not really alarmed about it, they do try and look as if they care and are worried, but that just is not very believable after they have been squawking the same platitudes year in, year out, for the past decade!

Terrorism, well, this is just some none-sense stirred up by western governments to try and frighten us into doing whatever they want, yes there is the odd bomb, yes it is terrible for those involved, but none of these things would be happening if we had border controls and did not allow every Ahmed, Mustapha and Osama into this continent!

Trade, well, trade is all very good and well, but we don’t need ten million young men to sweep into our cities to join the dole queues, do we?

Please note, Ireland, France, Britain, Poland, etc are not in fact sovereign anymore, that ended when we joined the EU, our real government is the European Commission and the European Council, it is they who decide the regulations we hear about, so that means that every head of government is part of our ‘real government’, Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown, Silvio Burlusconi, Robert Tusk, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as well as Bertie Ahern, soon to be Cowen are those with the power in this new ‘empire‘.

Our leaders include Mr Sarkozy, he is the one pushing for this new ‘Union’ of the Mediterranean, this obviously includes all of Europe as it is almost impossible to stop someone who has arrived in France or Italy, from coming to Ireland, Britain or Scandinavia. It has been suggested that Europe will need twenty million new immigrants in the next decade! Where will they go?

Apparently we need close to sixty million immigrants by 2050! Who writes this stuff? Who estimates this? Who pushes this? Big business, they like ethnic workers, people they don’t have to pay well, people they can use and abuse for long hours and low pay, they like them because most Europeans would balk at the working conditions big business can demand of these immigrant workers. The left love the ethnic immigrants too, it grows their electorate, increases their power and influence, and as we know, politicians love power and influence and MONEY, above all else!

So, the ‘right’ being funded by big business talks tough on immigration, but does nothing of substance to stop it, the left love immigration because they hate their own so they extend immigration when in power, then the right does nothing to stop it, they talk and at times pass a law, that is never enforced, but they don’t actually want to ‘conserve’ anything except their power and income, this can only be done by bowing the knee to big business and it’s desires.

I know some will accuse me of ‘racism’, or ‘intolerance’, but that is to just miss my point by a mile, I have been to North Africa and really loved it, I loved the medinas and the casbahs and the heaps of spices and cafes and the crowds and the chaotic character of the cities, I was impressed by the friendliness of the average man in the street, and charmed by the times I spent there.

Immigration is not only a disaster awaiting Europe, it is a disaster for the North Africans now, some of their best and brightest have been tempted away for good by Europe, some of their best educated have left, they have lost out. When in Europe, they feel out of place, they are foreign, they will not integrate, and why should they? I would not integrate into their society if I lived there, I would always be me, why should they be expected to dump their culture for us?

Immigration is bad for both of us, it encouraged laziness and selfishness in Europeans, leading to lower birth rates, shrinking populations and more welfare, it leads to ghettoisation of immigrants and religious extremism, it leads to criminality among unemployed and unemployable ethnic youth who are neither European nor Arab/African.

This cant be good for either of us?

This Mediterranean Union, will only exacerbate the problems we already face, if our real government had any sense, they would reject it now to prevent worse problems in the future, but being elected politicians, they are by nature short sighted, looking only to the next election, so don’t hold your breath.

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