Saviors of the broken and the damned

When I was young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band

He said ‘son, when you grow up would you be the saviour of broken, the beaten and the damned?’
He said ‘will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made? Because one day I’ll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer to join the black parade’

I was thinking about where we are, the possibility of losing everything, the betrayal of our children we could be committing.

I see it thus, we have a choice between hope and despair, despair is easier, for all we need to do is sit back and accept our fate. It seems morally superior, we can tell everyone ‘I told you so’, we could whisper to ourselves in our old age, ‘if only they had listened to me, all would be right with the world’.
Hope seems the more challenging emotion, for if we hope, we must act to fulfill that hope, and what would that imply? Sacrifice, possible death, and yet, being lazy and contented, we reject hope, we accept despair.
‘Would you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned?’, most of us say no thanks, I’ve got some Sex in the City to watch! So our inheritance is sold to any passing migrant, any barbarian interested in living the easy life.
It is far past the time to admit, that we will not be saved by some white knight, some hero, it is up to you, to me, to us, to save ourselves and our people. The liberals will never get it, or it they do, they are content to see us enslaved.
It is in the end about love and courage and the willingness to sacrifice, are we able to do so? Are we willing to make ourselves uncomfortable to save all that we seem so desperate to save?
I hope so, because it seems or enemy is triumphant, they march on the field of battle victorious, sneering at us, supported, or at least accepted by the majority. We will never win if we accept the lie that we must have the majority behind us, that is the way of defeat and despair, we must reject democracy, reject majoritarianism, we must accept that all that is there to oppose them, is us.
I wonder if we can admit that?

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