The 500 Trillion Dollar Question

Yes, you read right, 500 trillion dollars, not million or billion, but trillion!

That’s about 300 trillion Euro or 250 trillion Pounds!

Lots of money you say? Yes it is, its an unimaginable amount of money, in fact, the GDP for the entire planet Earth in one year is about 50 trillion dollars, so 500 trillion dollars is ten times the entire GDP of the entire world!

Well, what if I were to tell you that the 500 trillion number is the amount of potential bad debt that is currently floating around the world economy at the moment and that this is what is panicking the financial world?

For the moment the world has only felt an economic shudder, as the price of a wholesale panic, as the reality of the situation seems to suggest, would be the end of the financial world as we know it, so they are hanging on!

The central banks have been criminal in their actions, effectively removing money from our pockets with their magic trick of lowering interest rates thus causing inflation!

This is probably the worst time for these spoilt financiers and idiotic central bankers to be playing with our money to keep the greedy and feckless banks in operation, inflation is going up, food prices are going up, the Dollar and the Pound are becoming worthless and the Euro can’t be that far behind, what with most European governments owing in debt, more then their annual national incomes!

As a result of ethanol subsides to farmers to grow maize to turn into fuel, regional droughts, moulds and increased demand from Asia, food stores are at their lowest in decades!

500 trillion dollars is not something we can wish away, no matter how much we wish to, a shortage of food is also something we cant wish away, and yet, our governments, being run by the shortsighted, incompetent and downright deceitful politicians refuse to face the looming crisis that lies in front of us and act before the crisis is upon us!

If we are lucky, we will have a recession, if we are lucky.

The facts suggest something altogether more terrible!

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