The Lisbon Treaty

I have refrained from discussing the Lisbon Treaty for one reason, it does not matter!

I remember when I was a young whipper snapper in 1992 when the Maastricht Treaty was being fought over, I remember not really understanding it or caring that much, my parents told me they were voting against it, my father later told me he voted for Maastricht for ‘my future’ and that of my siblings, whatever that means.

I became more sceptical of the ‘European project’ as time went on, the more I learned of the EU and the European Parliament and the European Commission, I was appalled and began to speak out against this threat to our independence, I got involved in local politics to try to influence things, to try to convince people of the danger of what was happening.

Well, the treaty of Nice was the high point I suppose, it was the point at which we could think, we did it, we defeated them, they must listen to us now!!

Ha! Like hell they did!

They spent the next few months conspiring with our ‘democratically elected’ officials to overturn this vote. As anyone interested in ‘European Affairs’ will know, there is only ONE right answer when voting in referenda on European treaties, one must agree!

We thick Micks had the gall to do something other then hold our caps in our hands and bow and scrape to the whores of Brussels! We, Paddies, who had been ‘given’ all that money by Europe bit the hand that fed us, after all we would all still be living in mud huts were it not for the generosity of the degenerate hookers in Brussels!

Well, we were asked to vote again. No, apologies, we were told to vote again, and this time we were told to vote the ‘right way’, so we had our ‘democratically elected’ government scurrying around the country in a desperate attempt to placate their real masters in Brussels, desperate to undo the wrong done to their masters and the damage done to their chances of getting a nice post government job on the gravy train that is the European Commission.

And like mugs we voted for Nice!

I wonder if they would allow us to vote for Nice again? No thought not!

It’s funny ain’t it? There is always only one real answer to a referendum question! If you vote the right way, they leave you alone, if you vote the wrong way they come back to poke and prod and threaten and cajole and coerce you until you give in and vote the way they want you to vote!

And this is the running joke we call ‘democracy’, Ha!!!

We are not the only ones to vote the ‘wrong way’, the Danes did it in 1992, and had to vote again until they got it right, the French and the Dutch voted the wrong way in 2005 and have now been denied votes in this ‘non constitution’!

Norway is asked every few years if the want to join the EU, they repeatedly vote ‘NO’, but their politicians continue to ask them! Perhaps the Norwegian politicians are sick and tired of not being on the gravy train? They like the looks of the pensions and the perks in Brussels? Why cant we be asked every few years if we want to continue to be in the EU? I know the answer!

This sick joke of voting for treaties is a farce, we all know what they will do if they lose, they just make us vote again, of they lose that, they repackage the treaty and tell us to vote again, and again, and again, they will not cease, they will not give in, they will not give up, until we give them what they want, it is only a matter of time.

So, the Treaty of Lisbon will pass, it may not pass this year or the next, it may not pass as the ‘Treaty of Lisbon’, perhaps it will be called the Treaty of Dublin, or Vienna or Athens? Who knows, what I do know is that our rulers care nothing for us or our opinions.

Our leaders desire only power and money, Europe gives them this, they will never give that up, your concerns, your fears, your love of your country are incomprehensible to them, these men and women are prostitutes for money and power, they are the most brazen and perfidious whores! In fact whores have more morality then all of these brazen political sluts put together!

So, as much as I admire those who campaign for Lisbon’s rejection, I also know, that they will win in the end, every fibre of their beings will ensure that!

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