Wars in the East

I have been following the mini-war in Georgia over the past week and what seems strange to me is the virulent hatred of Russia that is still quite apparent in those United States and Britain.

Even though they ‘won’ the cold war, even though Russia was broken and humiliated, it seems that it is not good enough for the ‘west’, it seems some want Russia to be dismembered and destroyed.

Russia has come a long way since 1991, it has rejected most of it’s communist past, it has recognised privacy and the right to own land, it has restored many of the privileges of the Russian Orthodox church and seems to be trying to restore parts of pre-revolutionary Russia, not Bolshevik Russia.

In many ways Russians are probably more free then they have been since 1914, in fact they are considerably more free then we in the so called ‘free West’, they can own guns, they can keep most of their income, they can write and travel and argue, they can have opinions, unlike us, who must whisper our thoughts and opinions in secret so not to arouse the wrath of our governments.

It is always a pity when two Christian peoples can’t find another way to disagree other then war, it is always the worst option, always a stain on Christendom, however, it does seem that those United States have an interest in testing Holy Mother Russia, they seem to be intent on keeping Russia down, and their puppet, Saakashvilli seems to have believed, too much the earnest whispers of support from the American administration, and he has made a mistake that may cost him his office. Once again, those United States have proved themselves as perfidious and untrustworthy as Albion!

I hope that this war does not go much further, I’m especially disturbed by the American sabre rattling, but it is unlikely that this sabre rattling can become anything more than that as the Americans are tied down in Mesopotamia and Afghanistan as well as the hundreds of other bases throughout the world and the upcoming bankruptcy of that nation!

Let us hope the war is over soon and an equitable peace is established.

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