Bus Journey in Paris

Heathens attack young Frenchman

Heathens attack young Frenchman

The poor French fellow who was attacked on a bus by a gang of ‘youths’ in Paris, has caused a bit of an uproar on a certain part of the blogosphere, having watched it, I can’t really understand why?

Is it that no one else has lived in a large ‘diverse’ European city?

I have, and have seen this sort of thing many times, tried to rescue prey from their attackers, mostly unsuccessfully, as the gangs tend to be in the dozens, and those willing to help in the ones or twos, I have also been attacked by a group of Somalian teenagers, about a dozen or so, who pretended to play fight and bumped into others, I caught one of them with their hands in my pocket about to take my wallet. Well, after a bit of a standoff, I got off at the next stop, I thought it wise due to the Somalian habit of carrying knives and being quite ready to kill someone for a cheap lighter.

It seems that there are many naive Europeans even on the ‘right’, or are they just trying to build this up with a lot of righteous anger? Are they trying to convince the open border types that immigration is not working? Well even the poor fellow who was attacked seems to think it was not that big a deal and worries not that these people could do this to his fellow countrymen again, or that these heathens are even in his fair France, no what he worries about is this video being abused by ‘radicals’ for political reasons!

There seems to be a genuine belief among those, for want of a better term, on the ‘right’, who seem to think that we can convince our fellows to awaken to the reality of our perilous situation. I hope they are right, I hope that the great majority can wake up before it is too late, that we can expel the alien and restore Christian Europe! However, I think this becomes increasingly futile, our enemy controls the media, it runs the news channels, it folds its worldview into the soaps people watch, into the cartoons, films and documentaries we see. It writes, edits and prints our books and papers, it educates our children and it passes our laws. The people, our fellow country men are in awe of our enemy, they spend their days listening to his subtle lies, his exaggerations, his misrepresentations and his deceit, they read it, the watch it they grow up on it, they suckle at the teat of our enemy and if they are good and do what is expected of them, they get some two bit soul destroying job and get the chance to enslave themselves with a death pledge (mortgage) with the hope of owning a few sods of earth at some indeterminate point in the future, when they are too old and too broken to resist the enemy.

Not that I disapprove of trying to educate our fellows on the Internet, it is all to the good, but I think we need to realise how little power we have, how little influence and how little sway with our fellow men. It is frustrating, that even when attacked, the victim seems almost to blame himself, one screams inwardly, ‘What is wrong with you?’, ‘Why did you not fight back? Why did you just lay down and take that beating? Why not fight back?

But we all know why, this poor young Frenchman is completely unprepared to meet such heathens on his way home, he has never come across such barbarity and it is too shocking to him to react as a man should. And so he weeps and begs the driver for help, this is where the sons of Charlemagne have come to!

God help us!

Video of attack

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