Sodomite Rule

‘Two young children are to be adopted by a gay couple, despite the protests of their grandparents.

The devastated grandparents were told they would never see the youngsters again unless they dropped their opposition.

The couple, who cannot be named, wanted to give the five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister a loving home themselves. But they were ruled to be too old — at 46 and 59.’

What does this sound like to you? Soviet Russia? Mao’s China? Hitler’s Germany? No, it’s modern day Britain!

Things look worse and worse all the time, Satandom seems to be strengthening every day, these government employees who hand over young children to sodomites, even though they have grandparents aged 46 and 59 can only be described as wicked people!

This would be shocking if it were not so predictable, it is written, ‘they place bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, dark for light and light for dark’, we are storing up a terrible wrath for ourselves, God be merciful!


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