Russia, The Conservative Power

Russia, the ‘ puzzle inside a riddle, wrapped in an enigma’, is throwing one more enigma our way, how did they go from being the centre of a world revolution, to being the opponents of just that? And how did America go from being the defenders of ‘freedom’ and ‘faith’, to the socialist wreck they are now?

I don’t think America was ever the ‘conservative’ power we were told it was, America has always been a radical power, whether it is the free-masonic ideals of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, or the appeal to equality apparent in the Declaration of Independence right up to the modern feminist movement and anti-racism, America has always been a hothouse for radical ideas, and intellectual ferment, meaning left wing intellectual ferment.

It is to America that we must look to understand the present day fixation with the ‘separation of Church and State’, probably one of the most radical and ahistoric movements ever conceived, when in history has any civilisation separated their faith from the public square? We must also look to America to find the best articulation of ‘equality’, whether it is between men and women, the races, religions etc…it is this concept of equality which has done us most damage in the past two centuries, for there can be no equality, ever, and this is probably why it is used, it gives the leftists an eternal reason to beat us and yell at us that there is still discrimination that needs to be ‘tackled’, by them against us, of course.

I wont even go into the role of Wall Street financiers and the funding of the Bolsheviks in the post-war era, it is far too large a subject and one that is better dealt with in a separate post, but the reality is that America has never been conservative and that is because of the nature of it’s birth, in rebellion against their rightful king, a rebellion organised and carried out by a group of well educated, well spoken men, most of them freemasons, and imbibed with the ideals of freemasonry witch are the ideals of the wrongly named ‘enlightenment’.

It is not a coincidence that America today is the leading lightbearer of a ‘world revolution’, whether it is the reform of Islam, or the democratisation of every little mudflat and arid valley the world over, it is not a coincidence that it is America which has compelled most of the nations of the world into this fraud that is debt based economic growth, fiat currency, multi-national mega corporations and the miracle of finance capital. This was the inevitable dead end of the enlightenment, of which America is the model, and now with everything falling down about it, America is determined once again to corral the nations of the earth into an even more obscene economic model seemed more to be an emulation of the Soviet Union, then anything we have previously seen.

Russia, in contrast is not seeking world dominion, it seeks security in it’s own sphere of influence, it knows that it can’t yet challenge America in too obvious a fashion, it must outwit it, something that does not appear to beyond the Russians, the chessmasters of the world. Russia, in contrast to America has reestablished it’s Church, probably the most important and far reaching thing it could have done in it’s repudiation of it’s communist past, It has recovered it’s natural wealth from the oligarchs, who raped Russia in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse, oligarchs, it must be said, which were placed in their positions of wealth by the CIA, which was called in to oversee the privatisation of Russia after the Soviet collapse, they were in charge of Russian economic policy as Yeltsin downed another bottle of vodka.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, I think illustrates the difference between the Russian, and American positions. This cathedral, built as thanksgiving to God, for delivering them from Napoleon’s lust in 1812, was dynamited by the communists, they were going to build their own Satanic cathedral on it’s site, with a giant statue of Lenin atop it. Well they never got round to it and made it into the worlds largest swimming pool, a nice way to explain away a hole in the ground filled with water! Well, this cathedral has been rebuilt, with the government giving some of the money toward it’s reconstruction. The crimes of the Satanic Bolsheviks has been in this case erased and the atheism of their movement has been defeated.

Now, has America ever built a building like this? Could it ever do so, would the government build a structure that has the name Christ the Saviour? Would America ever dream of building a place of Christian worship to commemorate a great military victory? You know the answer as much as I, and it is NO. America is far to advanced for that, it is far too civilised and progressive to do anything that gouache. No nation, no civilisation in the history of men, has ever been this disconnected from it’s supposed faith, and this is because progress and liberalism are in fact America’s faith and have been for a long time.

It is amusing that the once commie rag, Pravda is now warning America about becoming marxist! Pravda! Yes the official mouthpiece of Brezhnev, Stalin and Khrushchev, it is now a decent publication, and it is ‘conservative’ in the way the the New York Times is revolutionary!

In the same way that America has always been far more radical then has been portrayed, the Russians, even when imprisoned in the Soviet Union, were far more conservative then is widely thought, the loyalty shown to the Kremlin was real, but is was as a result of Russian nationalism, the Russian Church also existed, even in the darkest periods of Russian imprisonment, and there gave succour to them and keep the Russian soul alive. Much persecution and many martyrs were made in that time, the same time when America saw it’s own faith eaten away by consumerism and capitalist greed.

It’s an odd thing, but Russia is not what many imagine it to be, it has changed and is changing, and many Russians seem to better understand that faith is inseparable from nation, something America thinks is just a ‘choice’.

4 thoughts on “Russia, The Conservative Power

  1. I hardly know where to start with this.

    I suppose I can start by saying that as far as I can discern, Russia is still a ”riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.’ I get the sense that none of us in the West really understood Russia, nor ever can, any more than Churchill could when he said that phrase:

    “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.”

    Maybe you have an insider’s knowledge of Russia which I don’t have, but I have had considerable dealings with Russian people who have come to this country and I find them impossible to read. When I was young I used to idealize Russia (when I was a leftist, of course) but have since learned that it is not what I imagined it to be.

    I do not think that Communism is fully extinct in the former Soviet Union, nor has everybody there returned wholeheartedly to Christianity.

    Conversely, I don’t recgonize the America of your description as being the America I have known all my life, and I don’t think it’s because I am insular or naive about my country. Don’t count us out yet. Our government is not us, or vice-versa.

    And I have to respectfully differ about America always being a radical country; our revolution, as contrasted to the French Jacobin model, did not overturn the order of society but simply put Americans in charge of our country instead of colonial rule from London. The American Revolution was often termed a ‘conservative’ one for that reason. The rights our forefathers demanded were as they put it, ‘the rights of Englishmen’. Again, compare it to the Jacobin model.

    America has only become socialist and egalitarian over the last 50 years or so; our homegrown leftists insist we were (and are) are a ‘fascist, rightwing’ country. We are not that, either, but we have been a rather conservative and Christian country since our inception; most of the articles I read by Europeans about us describe our attachment to our religion. Even our current president disdains our ‘clinging to religion’, etc.

    The impostor America that has come into being in the last 20 years or so is not a continuation of the traditional American system, and the people who now populate this country are increasingly not even distantly related to old-stock Americans. Our country is being stolen from us, and this is the whole theme of my blog.

    Right now there are two Americas trying to exist in the same place: traditional America, mostly in the heartland, ‘red’ states and the multiculti empire which is in the urban areas plus the Northeast and West Coast only. The latter is the usurper America.

  2. @Vanishing: America has always worshiped money and wealth, giving lip-service to the God of Christ. True Christians would make Christians of the native peoples, transforming their societies with the Gospel. Studying church history is absolutely essential to know what makes a nation “Christian.”

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