The Second Crash?

When I talk of the ecomony, those I’m talking to tend to go on autopilot with glazed over eyes and they say ‘It looks like its getting beter now though’.

Now, I’m not all knowing, but even I can see this crisis is far from over, the upswing in the stock markets are irrelevant, the so called ‘green shoots’ are nothing more then MSM propaganda, what new shoots? Where?

The green shoots like the stock market rebound are the result of trillions of Dollars, Yen, Pounds and Euro being dumped into the banks and the related banking industry, what we see is not a real judgement of the value of a stock or a business, it is the result of dumping money into it. Perhaps this is the first signs of the mythical hyperinflation?

It is true that the chaos of September and October has quietened in the past few months, but it seems we may have another wave of real estate defaults on the way according to Goldseek.

I beleive that they like many others are right to be wary of the official line that we are on our way up, there is just too much debt, to many overpriced properties still in the system. Those who rule us have succeeded in slowing the crash, but that is all they have managed to do.

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