Can voting change anything?

Many people have been excited by the recent election of the two British National Party members, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons as Members of the European Parliament. I must admit, I was amazed, impressed and for the first time in years have thought, well perhaps the Brits are fighting back?

This election of two BNP members to the European Parliament is indeed symbolic, but is that it? We are told that the European Parliament passes 75% of our laws nowadays, well, not exactly, the European Commission and Council decide what laws or regulations are appropriate, it is they, not the Parliament that drafts the legislation, usually many pages long, with endless amendments attached. The Parliament is asked to approve or disapprove the legislation, that is it, with most MEPs allotted one minute to respond to the proposed legislation.

The European Parliament is there to rubber stamp the decisions of the European Commission and the European Council, it is the window dressing on this bureaucratic dictatorship, the thing the bureaucrats can point to and say, ‘look, you elect the European Parliament, so we are democratic, we do listen to the people’.

So, an MEP is in fact a powerless prestige position, there is no power, although the MEPs are remunerated very well, with the average MEP getting about two hundred thousand Euros a year, not including the other expenses and allowances that can be picked up. This does not even begin to scratch the surface of what other pies many MEPs have their fingers shoved into. There are dozens, even hundreds, of shadowy Euro-quangos and other organisations which pay out lots of money to MEPs willing to co-operate with their stated aim or to sit on the board of that quango or pressure group.

These fellows make millions, for doing not very much!

Now, the larger question is about voting itself, intellectually I believe that voting is a waste of time, it is one vote among many hundreds of thousands or millions and it would be equivalent to a lotto win for your vote to make any difference to the outcome, also, the act of voting is an affirmation of the corrupt and cynical system we find ourselves in, it is, as some have said, just encouraging them (politicians)

Having said that, emotionally, when something like the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty happens, or the Brits vote for two BNP MEPs, I get all exited, why? I don’t want to be, for we all know that the Lisbon vote will be pushed through whether we like it or not, and we probably have to admit that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will be vilified and destroyed, either they will be accused of having a fetish for young boys, or there will be some photo-shopped pics of them with animals, we all know how the media works!

They could also shoot themselves in the foot, or perhaps, the people of Britain really are opposed to ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ and this was only a protest against present government corruption?

But the fact is, I get exited when an election goes the way I would like it to go. I am opposed to a European bureaucratic dictatorship, which is what has been, and continues to be built in Brussels, so I suppose it is easy to get giddy, when one realises the majority of ones own country and the people of France and the Netherlands seem to agree with ones own opinion.

But It makes no difference.

I suppose I also enjoy watching the traitors who rule us, get humiliated, to see their desires crushed, at least for a while, is very satisfying. But is this the whole point? do the politicos and those behind them realise how much hatred there is out there, do they have an inkling of the unrest? If they do, perhaps they orchestrate these defeats? Perhaps we are all being taken for a ride, believing that the elites are in fact being halted, defeated and humiliated, when that is what they want us to think, so we don’t object much the second time round because we are ‘satisfied’ that they have been humiliated once?

This is the reason I don’t vote, it creates doubt and confusion, I believe we need a new system, perhaps voting would be a part of it, but it would not be the stated aim or outcome, it would not be the guiding ideology.

I hope the BNP do well, I really do, it is really something to see something, anything of import happen as a result of an election, but I do not think we should pin our hopes on those two men, we have been let down too often in the past to do that again.

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