$134 billion in bearer bonds seized in Italy

This is a very odd case, it’s one of those James Bond sort of things that one only assumes happens in the imaginations of writers or professional conspiracy theorists. Two Japanese men are stopped in Italy attempting to cross the border into Switzerland, their cases are searched and inside are found $134 billion in bearer bonds. that is one hundred and thirty four billion American dollars worth of bearer bonds, a lot of money in my opinion!

So what was going on?

Well, it seems that the United States Treasury has stated the bonds are fakes, but if that is, how could anyone pass off individual bonds worth $500 million, surely a number that big would require authentication? So if they are fakes, it seems like a stupid counterfeiting business to be in, as no one in their right mind would just take your word that the bonds were real. If it was a counterfeiting enterprise, well, why did they not arrest and detain these people until they could find out what sort of racket they were involved in? Why release them without seizing their passports? And where are they now?

One theory which seems to make sense, if that the Japanese are having terror sweats about the possible upcoming American bankrupcy, and are attempting to get rid of as many American Dollar holdings as possible before they are worth nothing, but why not just use a diplomatic pouch and claim they were going to Geneva for some UN business?

They could have been stolen by the two Japanese men, but again, if that is so, why let them go?

It all seems mighty fishy, bizarre is the right word.

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German Source

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5 thoughts on “$134 billion in bearer bonds seized in Italy

  1. Right on !

    The big question, still, is what the apparent forgerers hoped to do with the paper.

    Nothing, there isn’t anything you can do with 249 bonds worth 500 million dollars each one and others worth 1 billion each one.
    No one and no bank would take them without checking whether they’re true.
    This is the reason they’re real bonds.
    No one has ANY INTEREST to forge bonds of those amounts.
    They’re not fake. They’re bonds given to foreign central banks only.

  2. Which begs the question, who or what is trying to sell them and why?

    I suppose it is possible that no one was going to sell, they were jsut going to put them in a safe deposit box in Zurich, but why bother when you could use a safe deposit box in tokyo or Italy?

    I think that the Japs were attempting to dump their Dollars, the ones no one knew about, the bonds represent about one fifth of their Dollar reserves, that is a big story, one that I have yet to find being discussed on any MSM outlet.

    The end of the Dollar anyone?

  3. See what the Financial Times is writing:

    “Italian and US secret services working together concluded the bills and and accompanying documents are “most probably” counterfeited, and most likely the handiwork of the Italian Mafia.”

    WOW ! US and Italian secret services together are no capable to be certain about the bonds authenticity….. “Most probably”. And probaly Mafia did them.
    So there are banks around the world where a Mr. Vito Corleone, or an unknown japanese-looking guy can go with bonds even secret services of two countries can ascertain the authenticity and the bank open a credit line with those bonds……..

    And no one knows the japanese guys names and who they are…….

    Definitely, a central bank was dumping bonds. Almost certainly Japan.

  4. I came to the conclusion a few years ago to read official reports like the above as you seem to do. With a barrell of salt!

    Governments and large agencies world wide, whether financial or otherwise think we will be satisfied with an official denial. This will no longer do, after all the lies and deceptions of the past decade, never mind the last century, governments and officials have no standing with me! In fact whatever it is they say you can be sure it is either an outright lie, or some deception based on a mutilated version of the truth.

    They are scared that we plebs will figure out what they are up to.

    We are no longer in the dark with only government approved MSM outlets to feed us information, we can now do our own research, this is what the politicos do not seem to comprehend, they think that with hectoring tones and an an ignorant dismissal of ones concerns that they can shut us up! Not any more!

  5. It’s amazing that anyone would even try getting away with counterfeit bearer bonds-even more so that they got away with it, if thats what actually happened.

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