An Empire of Progress?

It seems to have become a standard opinion that the British Empire was an awful, evil constuct, ruled by brutal, nasty men, not far off the NAZIs, although comparing anything to the NAZIs is a bit pointless nowadays, as it is now such a tired cliche to do so.

I read lots of ‘right wing’ people slating the Brits and their Empire, slinging accusations of brutality, massacre, theft, slavery and oppression against poor victimised minorities, or something like that. Even American right wingers and nationalists seem happy to join the kicking Britain gets from the lefties and Marxists over these apparent injustices and barbarisms.

One thing that Anglophobes regularly sling in the face of the English or Anglophiles is ‘Ireland’, as in ‘what about Ireland?’, well unlike some peoples vivid imaginings, Ireland was not some massive death camp on the Atlantic, it was not a ghetto, it was a poor, wet and cold country filled with people who regularly got into fights with one another, it is one of our worst weaknesses, we resemble the Sicilians or Neapolitans in that respect, without the architechture!

The truth is, the English in some ways were the best thing to happen to us, they attempted and partly succeded in civilising us, they attempted and for a time brought law and order, they ended the near constant private warfare that ravaged the island, the ended the pirates that operated from our coasts and introduced us to the ideas of responsible government. In return, many Irishmen fought for their Irish king, who happened to be the English king as well, they conquered lands, pacified barbarians such as the Maori and various African tribes, fought the infidels in the middle east, India and China and brought the blessings of Christian civilisation to many hundreds of millions living in darkness.

It is true that the English have been incompetant in Ireland, they were sometimes too rough, somethimes not rough enough, the arrogance of the protestant English poisoned relations with many on that island and echos to this day, but that does not mean that Ireland was some sort of Poland or Bohemia, it was much more privelaged and powerful. In 1914 Ireland had 101 MPs in the British House of Commons, out of 650 MPs. Scotland had about 70, even though we had a similar population to Scotland. 101 Irish MPs could have their say about policy in India, south China, Africa and the Domionions, Irish MPs could debate the great international issues of the day concerning Germany, Turkey, the middle east and anywhere else, they could change Imperial policy through sheer numbers and regularly took the sides of the Conservatives or Liberals to affect this, so to imply or think that Ireland was some prison state is absurd.

The myth of Irish victimhood was something that the post independence education system began to teach, and something that is now accepted as verifiable fact, even by otherwise intellegent folk. In the 19th century, from the time of Waterloo until the tragic ‘Great War’, Irishmen were over 50% of the British armed forces, all but one of my great grandfathers was a serviceman, two were in the Royal Navy, one in the British Army, and one ended up as an IRA man, latter joining the Garda. So, there you have it, in my own genetics, most of my family(all Catholic by the way) in service to Irish/British kings and Queens. Altough all my family are Catholic, my fathers side is Hiberno-Norman, my mothers side are Gaelic, her maternal grandfather being petty aristocracy(yes there were always Gaelic aristocracy despite the propaganda) and her paternal grandfather being from a middle class family of merchants who happened to hate the English. Now, considering that 50% of the British armed forces were Irish for a century, one would ask, if Ireland was so terribly oppressed as the propagandists would like you to think, why didn’t half the British Army rise up to free Ireland? Why didn’t half of the Royal Navy close down the ports of Liverpool, Southampton and London until they liberated the poor slave state of Ireland? I know some will say, that it was because all the Irishmen were cannon fodder and those nasty evil English were the officers, well, no, both my great grandfathers were officers in the Royal Navy, my grandfather in the British Army was an NCO, so, that argument does not fly. In fact once my NCO grandfather returned from the Western Front, he remained in the British Army and when Ireland received Dominion status in 1922 he joined the Free State Army to fight the IRA, perhaps fighting my other great grandfather?

So simple ignorant ‘Mel Gibson’ reasoning does not explain ‘Ireland’, it can’t, Ireland is too complicated to be labeled.

Now, with regard to Britain’s other possessions, what did they do that was so wrong? End the arbitrary and cruel governance of the Indian princes? That just makes me admire Britain, and considering my ancestors were most likely doing the fighting against the cruel Indian princes, it is something I can in a very indirect way take some pride in myself. China? Another cruel Oriental despotism that Britain fought for some reason? who cares?

Africa? Well, this continent was the most blessed by British rule, they started with mud huts and brutal barbaric tribes, and got railways, cities, justice, decency and civility shown toward them by the British, yes, this sometimes means that they must be disciplined, all Africans must at some point be disciplined for their own good, look at the mess it is in now as a result of no discipline and the absence of order.

In my studies, I have always been impressed with the British Empire, it is by far the most benevolent super-state that there has been, it brought civilisation, order, decency and the light of Christianity to the far reaches of a dark and nasty world, it made the sea lanes safe, it ended slavery, something that had never been done before, it began the age of prosperity that was the industrial revolution.

Although I have a great admiration for the British Empire, I’m not in any way oblivious to the wrongs that were committed, the real wrongs, not the politically correct wrongs such as slavery or ‘Imperialism’, the great wrong was the idea of ‘progress’ which infected Britain and the British establishment from the enlightenment onward, it is this that Britain should answer for, not for civilising India.

It is the idea, the ideology of ‘progress’ which has destroyed Christendom, I don’t know when exactly this began, was it Henry’s revolt against Rome? Was it the regicide of Charles I? Was it the so called ‘Glorious Revoltion’?

I’m not sure when it began, I do know the ‘spirit of rebellion’ lurks inside of our souls, it is this, the spirit of rebellion which led to our fall in the Garden of Eden, it is this rebellious spirit that Satan appeals to when he attempts to drive us from the true God. We hear it everyday on TV, it is all over the Internet and in the papers, it is the inappropriate jokes heard. I suppose it is our pride that causes all of this, our lack of humility that cause all this bloodshed and injustice, it is our separation from our God that leaves us angry and lonely and in pain, it is this pain and anger that leaves us ready for the false prophet who proclaims ‘progress’ through our own efforts, divorced from the true God.

This ‘progress’ can seem sensible at first glance, it can seem appealing when it is first heard, it can be inspiring, in fact it can for those who reject the Gospels be a replacement for true faith and real Salvation, and it is inevitably that this search for progress, this struggle for utopia, results in the cruelest tortures, the most bloody massacres, the most pitiless persecutions. Yet, somehow, the blood of millions does not seem to stain the hands of progressives, socialists, marxists and their ilk, but we, the traditionalists still must defend the Crusades?

But I do digress, the ideology of progress became part of the British ideology, and by consequence it became part of the American ideology, something which has had massive consequences for the peoples of the world, the insidious ideology was more sincere in American hands then British, and has gone out from there into the world as a virus, destroying all in its path until there is nothing left to destroy but the host, America.

France was ravaged, then Europe, which could never be the same afterwards, then it mutated into marxism and destroyed Russia and Germany and Austria, then it mutated again into ‘liberationism’ in the third world and American Capitalism, which ruined what was left of the old European empires. Then it ruined China, then swept through the third world and back into the first world from whence it came.

The pride and arrogance of our ancestors, specifically those of the enlightenment British thinkers has gone viral and is now destroying their descendants, what irony! This is the sin that Britain should answer for, although it seems they already are.

Mao Tse Tung said ‘power comes from the barell of a gun’, others have said ‘the pen is mightier then the sword’, what is leathal is to combine those two powers, an ideology behind a gun, that is the modern blasphemy of the state.

3 thoughts on “An Empire of Progress?

  1. I do accept that britian was not the worst imperial power it was not a benign force in irish history. The penal laws did untold damage to Irish people and left the population beggared and ignorant. Because of the rule that all caholic landowners property had to be divided between thw sons the properties got smaller and smaller. Education was denied to Catholics therefore the only outlets were inherit smallholding or join the church. This policy led to the famine where the land could not sustain the population dependant on it. Cromwell certainly was not a benign force in Irish history. Irish people were not treated equally in the British empire. Even though you support the British Empire your vision of its impact on Ireland is seriously flawed. Many Irish people flourished in English society but to do so they definitely played down their Irishness.

  2. good post,as a “BRIT”living in s.ireland it was refreshing to read!punished for the sins of our fathers or more probably our grandfathers.mother-in law moved to england from ireland 50 yrs ago and refuses to “come home”as she never had it so good and she definitely did not play down her irishness!The famines occurred the same times in england i believe and elsewhere.

  3. Thanks for your comment on Booksie. If you’ve got time could you take a look at my novel, Traitorsville.

    In your comment you touched upon Ireland’s pre-union constitutional position as a proposed way of Anglo-Irish reunion. I’ve had an idea of a way that Ireland could be reunited at the same time keeping the union together. It would mean the federalisation of Britain. Each part of Britain would have its own bicameral parliament. E.G. An elected lower house and a appointed upper house. These would be based in the capitals or major cities. So the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly would stay where they were and have the appointed upper house added to it. England would have its parliament based in either Birmingham or York. The Northern Irish Assembly and the Irish Oireachtas would be abolished. Then replaced with Bicameral Parliament with an elected lower house and appointed upper house. The system of appoint would be as it is currently with the House of Lords, except that all peerages would be Hereditary. The Westminster Parliament, I’ll call it the Imperial Parliament, would accept Irish MPs as it does with Scotland, Wales and Ulster. The Imperial Parliament would control Foreign Policy, Defense Policy, External Trade Policy, Constitutional Policy, Immigration Policy and overall British Economic Policy. The way of governing at the Imperial Parliament wouldn’t change, so if the Conservatives have a majority in the Imperial Parliament, the Conservatives would form the government. The Regional Parliaments would govern the internal policies such as the NHS, Police and the such like.

    What do you think of this?

    My email address is Hope to hear from you soon.

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