As if to prove the point!

You know a culture is in trouble when this happens, Americans in the Embassy in Kabul cavorting around in various states of undress, performing ‘sex acts’ on each other, getting drunk, fondling each other and being in general, uncouth, this all happening under the watchful eye of management, encouraged even.

The pictures are disgusting, but if you do take a look, the thing you may notice, is that these are not young men, they are in their late twenties at least and many look to be in their thirties or older. Now one can imagine younger men doing stupid things, but men who are old enough to know better should have a sense of decorum! In the swash buckling days of the Victorian era, there were many instances when men were alone together for weeks, months or even years, they did not revert to barbarism, they attempted to keep their dress intact, they did not engage in drunken orgies, or if they did, it was considered shameful, and in the end they subdued the savage, or discovered the source of some river, or found some artifact, something we seem to be unable to do today!

One of the claims made by Muslims, is that America is immoral. Well, one look at this will only confirm their suspicions, and how can we really argue it anymore? Not that the Afghans don’t engage in their fair share of sodomy, but we don’t call them on it!

This is just one more incident showing how far we have fallen, can you imagine your grandfather acting like this? No neither can I, imagine these men trying to explain themselves to their sons or grandsons? How embarrassing, how degraded are these ‘men’?

2 thoughts on “As if to prove the point!

  1. Irish Tory wrote:

    “In the swash buckling days of the Victorian era…”

    What about the famous quote misattributed to Churchill? “Don’t talk to me about naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash.”

  2. Point taken! What I had in mind was the soldiers and explorers, Stanley, Livingstone and the like, we see the engravings of these men and there they are in their neat Victorian dress, even in the jungle (not sure just how neat they were, but that’s beside the point). The modern world has done away with any sort of formality, and as a consequence, standard of behaviour, as made clear by these American military ‘men’ has dissapeared!

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