The neverending referendum!

The ongoing, never-ending referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is thankfully over, but the ratification just goes on and on, and normally sensible people seem to think that by opposing this ‘treaty’, they can prevent the European Union from becoming the freakish, bloated tyrannical bureaucracy it was always meant to be.

The EU will not budge, it will not make any permanent concession, it will trick you into thinking it has made a concession, but ten or fifteen years later that concession will be taken back and more in some subsequent ‘treaty’, they will not be put off, they will not be denied.

For all of those people who moan about the Lisbon Treaty, I have some small advice, stop! Who cares? You know as well as I do that it matters not a bit what we think, it does not matter what our concerns are, we are irrelevant to them, the bureaucracy that sits in Brussels fantasising about some ridiculous utopia in Europe where all is peace and tolerance, diversity and understanding. They are living in a dream world!

The only thing we can do now is to resist what is happening, we can do this by refusing to vote, we can deligitimise their power by not voting, they cant possibly claim to be representing the ‘people’, when only a dozen people have bothered to vote at all, can they? We can immigrate to places where we can be freer, we can not pay our taxes, or work cash in hand, we can refuse to follow their petty laws, download as many films and as much music as possible, they dont like that, all this can be done now, by everyone in the EU.

We must begin a resistance to the illegitimate tyrannical farce that is the EU, we can stop voting, we can stop paying taxes, disobey their silly laws, and eventually if many of us continue to do this, they will lose their power.

The Lisbon Treaty is as good as passed, there is no longer anything we can do to stop it, their never was anything we could do, because democracy is a lie, we do not and can not change things through the system, the system must be smashed before we can change anything!



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