The War on Us

Apparently we are at war, against who? Well that is subjective, some state that we are at war against Muslims, or Islam, others say we are at war with ‘terror’ or terrorists, others still maintain that we are at war with ‘militants’ or ‘extremists’, some would state that we are at war with all of the above!

How is this war being fought? Well, the most obvious part of the conflict are the ongoing guerilla wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the murky violence in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. There have been a few bombings in the west, a few thousand died in New York and Washington, later on a few hundred died in Madrid and London.

Our ‘leaders’, the slime balls who rule us, maintain that the attacks in America and Europe were carried out by evil terrorists who happen to be from the Middle East, they also maintain that these evil terrorists hate us because of our ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, they go on to say that Islam is a religion of peace and that we should not tar all Muslims with the same brush because the evil terrorist Muslims are ‘extremists’ and not representative of their religion or background!

Fine, lets take their argument in full and for a moment believe them. Why are they making our lives such hell if the enemy are the evil terrorists? Why do they claim the right to tap our phone conversations and read our emails and spy on us? Why do they make us wait two hours for a flight, grope us up at security and treat us all as potential terrorists? Why are they fighting some poppy farmers and idealogues in Afghanistan when most reasonable people believe that ‘Al Qaida’ are no longer in Afghanistan, if they ever were?

Why invade Iraq and create the chaotic vacuum in the Middle East when our ‘leaders’ knew, and now admit that they knew, there were no WMD there? Why do they continue to send good men to their deaths in the scorching deserts of western Asia? And why oh why do they allow more and more Muslims to pour into the west?

I think we have to admit that our ‘leaders’ are scum, they are traitors and prostitutes, without conscience or morality, many of them lack basic intellect. The reason why they do all the above is because this ‘War on Terror’ is actually a war on us, it is the greatest opportunity our ‘leaders'(a curse be upon them) have had in sixty years in which to bind us in slavery through fear, you see the ‘terror’ bit is correct, but is not a war on terror, it is a war OF terror, aimed at us.

It is true that Afghanis and Iraqis have borne the bloody brunt of this war, it is they who have lost possibly millions of people, seen chaos and destruction and been ruled by brute force, however the ongoing expansion of this ‘war’ is reaching into parts of our lives that have nothing to do with ‘terror’, in England, powers that were reserved for spying on possible ‘terror suspects’ was shamelessly used by local councils to see who was leaving too much rubbish in their bins! Yes you read that right! So some little Stalin in Hertfordshire County Council thought there was nothing wrong with using a law we were all told would not affect normal people, against normal people with a view to giving hardworking people fines and criminal convictions for having a little bit too much rubbish in their bins!!

What was worse, the councils involved in this saw nothing wrong with their actions.

They have also used this law to spy on parents trying to get their children into good schools when they actually fall outside the catchment area. If people don’t recognise this for what it is, then God help us!

Another crazy part of this is the ridiculous idea that anyone anywhere in Britain has to be vetted by the Police National Computer Bureau(PNCB) and get a PNCB form to get a job here. Well you never know, a known terrorist could apply for a job as a toilet cleaner at an office in Barnstaple!

All the time they chip away at our liberties and freedoms, but every time they justify it on grounds of security or ‘to protect children’ from the million man army of paedophiles hanging around every corner.

This war on us, is not even noticed by most people, when I try to point out the most obvious parts of this ongoing repression, most people poo poo my concerns, or accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, they seem much more interested in X Factor or Dancing on Ice or some other inane load of twaddle!

And the war goes on, inexorably, toward its final destination, our subjection to this new order of the ages, the body scanners, the gun restrictions, the tax hikes, the pension thefts, the property seizures, the never-ending wars against enemies that are not named or even known, the unceasing flood of immigrants, the rising crime, the increasing power of ‘hate laws’, the silencing of real opposition, this is the war being waged against us, all based on lies and deceit, we are taught to support our own enslavement, indeed we demand it!

Afghanistan will not be won, it can’t unless we kill most of their people and enslave the rest, and that will not happen, not because our ‘leaders'(curse be upon them) have any qualms about ordering the deaths of innocents, but because this war is not meant to be won, it is meant to grind on and on, and hopefully(to our leaders – curse be upon them)cause retaliatory attacks on some target in the west, or if not, they can organise some surprise of their own, courtesy of Mossad, M16 or the CIA. Once they have some other outrage that they can package and market to us saps in the west, they can claim more of our rapidly diminishing liberties and go off on some other damned stupid adventure in the Middle East or Africa, continuing in some sort of terrible cycle to the point where we have no liberties left to give up and there is not part of the world left untouched by war.

My hope, and it is a morbid hope, is that the continuing economic crisis will end the misrule of these arrogant elites, these ignorant lickspittles, these unholy demons, for when they have no money, they may rapidly lose the gargantuan and tyrannical powers that they have amassed.

Let us pray for their destruction!

2 thoughts on “The War on Us

  1. Don’t be sure they won’t do everything in their power to take the rest of us down with them. These particular parasites have no problem killing the host if it will help them survive a few years longer.

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