Peter Hitchens can sometimes be quite wrong about some things, but can also be bang on at other times, his most recent column in the Daily Mail sets out his cri de coeur against modern Britain and its moral decay.

‘Imagine how it would have been if adults always felt able to discipline wayward children in the street, if local policemen had existed at all and felt free to wallop miscreants.

Imagine if the place was full of experienced mothers, whose main task was to raise children, and hard-working fathers with real jobs.

Imagine disciplined children in orderly schools. Imagine pubs governed by strict opening hours.

These things haven’t been destroyed in Britain because they were expensive.

On the contrary, in the days when we had them, people lived much more modest lives than they do now.

They were destroyed because they got in the way of the pleasure principle. We were happy and we didn’t know it.

We thought we would be happier if we threw off all restraint. And we aren’t. We are increasingly miserable and afraid.

We should learn from this that a stable, peaceful, gentle society, such as we used to have, did not come free of charge.

Isn’t it now obvious that we made a very bad bargain when we had our cultural revolution? We didn’t like hard discipline in the classroom.

Is the grunting stone-age chaos of so many modern schools an improvement? We didn’t like the fact that the police roughed up their suspects. Now the suspects rough us up. Is that better? For whom?

We didn’t like having to stay together for the sake of the children. So we broke up for the sake of ourselves.

Are mass divorce, pandemic illegitimacy and the CSA a price worth paying for our liberation?

Only because it is mainly the children, not us, who pay it.

We didn’t like failing exams. Is an education system where everyone passes, and nobody knows anything, an improvement?

Women wanted equality with men. But women still get pregnant, and men still don’t, so ‘equality’ actually means that women work twice as hard as they used to, and generally have to pay strangers to bring up their children. A good bargain?

Face it, all these changes were stupid (and so were quite a few others I haven’t room for here).

They have done – and continue to do – tremendous, deep damage to our souls and bodies, and if there was ever a time to have a good, full-scale howling moral panic, this is that time.’

This is almost exactly how I feel about what has become of our civilisation, although the idea that any moral panic will ensue due to these two feral boys, is absurd! No one will care very much, the lefties will tut tut and go on about poverty, education and quickly forget this, and make sure it is forgotten by the MSM, the ‘right’, that Trojan Horse in our midst, will not say anything more original than the lefties, and will also forget it!

Both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ are frauds, they are the same controlled people, parroting the same clichés and debating the same ‘within limits’ subjects that they believe are safe to ‘debate’, just so us saps will think there is freedom in our countries, after all, we have parliamentary debates and disagreements! Yes, the acting is great!

It seems to me that all sides in power have followed the same route down the same slippery slide of degradation, perversion and desensitisation to what is quite obviously wrong, the BBC is running an article celebrating the fact that people now accept homosexuality much more then they did twenty years ago, why is that? A programme of propaganda, through school indoctrination, to films, sitcoms and dramas, all portraying ‘gays’ as normal, or even better then normal, more moral, more caring, more intelligent and more artistic, this is how the mob is introduced to homosexuality. This and the various ‘hate laws’, the MSM smearing of good men who oppose sodomites, and the lies told about the religious!

Women have been manipulated into hating their men, they have been encouraged to act like sluts, to demand, demand and demand, then to bitch and moan when they do have a man, they are told and taught to be selfish, to murder any child they may have inside them, that will interfere with their pleasure or independence, to seek a career and look on marriage and children as a failure, rather then their life’s work.

In this and many other things, our élite, the establishment have done their work, they have ruined us, robbed our people, not only of their wealth and freedom, but also of their pride, their honour, their basic humanity!

Now, when we lie here, our consciences seared with the guilt of our great sins, all committed with the encouragement of the élite, we feel worthless, too sinful to ever see or experience a redemption, we are now ripe to be dominated by our foes.

But there is always hope, that is what our foes do not understand, that is the hope of our faith, however hidden or forgotten it may be, it is still there!

One thought on “Degeneracy

  1. Brilliant article, as well as your analysis. It comforts me that the Lord is not concerned with “society”, only with all the individuals that make up that society. In other words, one soul at a time.

    Starting with your own, of course!

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