The Glory of Poland

Poland is reckoned to be a small not terribly important nation, that is more often than not a victim of more powerful nations, and when Russia and Germany are neighbours, it is not difficult to see why that may be the case. But for a long time, it was Poland that was the powerful nation. Whilst Germany was an incoherent collection of duchies, principalities, small kingdoms, city states and citizen run cantons, Russia was a collection of weak and backward tsardoms, prey to the tyrannical Golden Horde and it’s heirs, whilst in the middle was a very large, powerful and wealthy Polish empire, made up of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It had an odd constitution, and by odd I mean interesting, the Polish aristocracy, the landowners all had a say in the Polish parliament, they elected their king from among their own number, who was elected for life and all votes had to be unanimous, a bit better than our modern-day ‘demonocracies’, Poland has since it’s baptism, always been a fiercely Christian nation, and their God has delivered them on more than one occasion.

The Poles have also been God’s instrument on earth on a few occasions, namely against the Turk and the Bolshevik, the following videos are very good, The first one describes the real life ‘Battle of the Pelannor Field‘ not outside Minas Tirith, but Vienna, and with the Poles as the heroic Rohirim storming into battle, coming from the north to the rescue of their Christian brothers. This battle was decisive, it ended the Turkish dream of dominion over all of Europe, it exposed the perfidity of the loathsome Louis XIV who used this to make gains in the west, and it proved the beginning of the Hapsburg liberation of Hungary.

The second video, is a summary of the Polish war and defeat of the demonic Bolshevik armies that were swarming over the corpse of the murdered Russian Empire, murdering, plundering and destroying all the way. The Poles like the Finns later on took on the Trotskyite mercenaries and fought a valiant fight, protecting Europe, which, by the way, stood by as this happened.

So Poland is not just a small European country like Slovenia or Estonia, it is one of the mighty nations of Christendom, and one we owe much to.

I defy anyone to watch these videos and not feel something stir in their hearts, to see Christian men fight valiantly in the cause of right, to see Christian kings lead their men, not as the modern ‘demonocratic’ politician does, by lies and deceit, but from the front, in a righteous war, against the forces of darkness, not for money, but for survival and glory. How it stirs the soul to see an enemy openly declaring war, instead of the modern lurking parasites in our modern governments, media and high finance who undermine us from within. How refreshing to see a man worth following!

Veni, vidi, Deus vicit

5 thoughts on “The Glory of Poland

  1. The more I learn about the Polish, the more impressed I am. Thank you for sharing. I recently found out I am 1/32 Polish, interestingly enough.

  2. perhaps the blood of Jan Sobieski runs through your veins? Although I read somewhere the blood of Charles Martel runs through the veins of millions of Europeans and their diaspora in the new world! It’s cool to think that could be the case!

  3. Poland was formidable in the age of horse and saber, Poland offered a few officers to the American Revolution, and more recently it was the battlefield of Solidarnos`c` versus the Communists.

    And who knows what the future may hold? If Poland can reverse its demographic decline, perhaps it might yet rise again.

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