The Abomination at Dresden

The great slaughter at Dresden was something that was easy to justify to me when I was younger, I thought that those terrible Germans, invaders of helpless nations and murderers of the Jews, Gypsies and others deserved everything they got. Three hundred thousand ‘innocent’ German women, children and old people was something an aggressive, evil nation could not complain about.

Well, I did say that was when I was younger. One of things I believe that is good to be, is open to argument, open to being wrong and being willing to consider the other side. I have over the past ten years been doing just that, and now consider Dresden to be one of the great crimes of the Second World War. Bomber Harris can’t now be considered anything but a war criminal, well if you believe Goring was a war criminal for the London blitz, then naturally it follows that anything similar done to German cities, for whatever reason, is just as immoral as what happened to Britain.

The war was almost over and for reasons only of bloody, unmerciful vengeance, the British, Americans and Russians decided to butcher, main, burn, kill, rape, mutilate, humiliate and degrade the defeated German people. This is understandable, but it is still not justifiable, if the reason for Dresden was ‘vengeance’, then at least they would be honest, but they still are not, instead we are treated to evasions and half-truths, lies and deceptions. And always references to the holocaust, this they think will justify any sort of barbarity, as long as it is against those ‘evil’ Germans, in consequence for the holocaust.

I think that old chestnut has been worn out, don’t you?

Again, I used to believe the holocaust hook line and sinker, as the saying goes, it is one of those things that one grew up with, the suffering of the poor Jews, I was inculcated by my parents to know about the murder factories, Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka and all the other ‘death camps’ where apparently birds no longer sang. I remember being horrified at the gas chambers and watching all those war films and mini-series where inevitably some Jews were tortured and gassed, how I hated the Germans, and wished them nothing but ill.

So when someone would say the poor Germans at Dresden or Hamburg, I would say, ‘To Hell with the Germans, they deserved everything they got, and more’, I hardened my heart against any and all German suffering, believing every bad thing imagined by the enemies of Germany, believing the ‘human soap’ non-sense, the human skin lampshades, the human hair slippers for German sailors and for mattresses. The worse and more depraved the story, the more eager I was to believe it and the more I hated the despicable Krauts!

I not only despised modern-day Germans, I despised everything about Germany, I tried not to buy German-made goods, I avoided travelling to Germany, I tried not to speak to Germans and only then to lecture them about the evils of Hitler and Nazism, I must say, every German I spoke to agreed with me, which was not what I expected. I laughed at all the German stereotypes on all those ‘comedy’ programmes, how lame were those Krauts, I thought!

I don’t know when I actually stopped despising the Germans, It was a few years ago at least, perhaps it was my study of European history, and the inescapable fact that Germans were central to Christendom? Perhaps it was the glorious German music I began to listen to and be inspired by?

I’m not sure, but I began to look tentatively at first, at the good that came from Germany. Then four years ago I went to Germany. What an experience, from that point on, I could not say a bad thing about Germany, although I still knew about their ‘crazy moment’ in the early forties, but I began to see what a great place Germany is, their food was good, their women were beautiful, their people were friendly, courteous and helpful, their towns and cities were clean, efficient and stunningly beautiful, much nicer than English or Irish towns and cities. They looked prosperous, but not in a brash nouveau riche sort of way, but in a quiet confident sort of way. I could not for the life of me connect the Germans I had grown up with, with these real Germans around me.

Like many people, I grew up on the MSM diet of lies, deceit and conditioning, it is something that is very powerful, when you have been told something for decades, shown proof, have listened to survivor tales and watched the films, you truly believe what they tell you.  The holocaust is no different. I think the first thing that prepared me to question the veracity of this cardinal tenet of the modern secular faith, is that there was so many bloody documentaries about the holocaust, I’ve seen them all, I’ve read dozens of books, and there they are still banging on about it sixty years later, ignoring the Armenian genocide, the Assyrian massacres, the Bolshevik terrors in Russia and Eastern Europe and everything else that has ever happened in all of recorded history, according to TV, history began in 1933!

After my journey to Germany, all the anti-German propaganda on TV seemed, inappropriate, ‘everyone makes mistakes, but for God’s sake, give it a rest’, I thought. And on it went, the constant demonisation of the German people, the smearing of the Ukrainians and Poles, the accusations of cowardice pointed at the Dutch and the French, the condemnation of all Christian people as culpable in this ‘burnt offering’, whether or not your people were there or not, whether your people fought against Germany or were allied to it seemed of no concern, you were guilty by association. That really pissed me off, the lack of gratitude to the British and American ‘liberators’, the accusations against them about not bombing Auschwitz or the other camps, the demands for further compensation, more films, every TV series containing references to the holocaust, and inevitably the smearing of all white Christian men as nothing better than camp guards or Nazis.

The accusation by others of us, referring to us as Nazis, is one of the most powerful parts in the anti-Christian toolbox, no matter how we refute their lies, they always spring the Hitler trap, ‘well that’s what Hitler did’ or ‘well, last time someone did that, it led to Auschwitz’ and a million other versions of this accusation. This has shut me up so many times, I don’t even care to estimate it, but it did drive me to study the accusations of my enemies, perhaps they were right, perhaps there really was something messed up with Christianity, or with white Christians? Perhaps this whole defending one’s kin is based on jealousy and hate?

Well, it has been a long time since, and through all the study and research, the trawling of Jewish sites and anti-Jewish sites has led me to this one scary and unacceptable conclusion:

THAT THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST, well at least not in the way we have been inculcated to believe.

I won’t go into the whole thing, there are many sites that can be of help in holocaust research, but when tested, the evidence seems quite flimsy indeed, the lack of eye witnesses, the lack of forensic evidence anywhere massacres of Jews and others is alleged. The lack of bones and bullets at various camps and supposed massacre sites, the vast number of survivors, which in itself seems to delegitimise the basic accusation against the Germans, that they were determined to slaughter every Jew they could get their hands on.

The motive for this great lie is easy to see, it was something that suited everyone, the British, who began bombing of civilians could pat themselves on the back and tell themselves that, the Germans deserved every death brought to them, that no matter how wicked the British bombing campaigns were, they were angels compared to the devilish Germans. The British were also allowed to justify their betrayal of Poland, and their loss of empire by soothing themselves with the thought that they did what was right.

The Americans, could also, like the British, congratulate themselves as the ‘goodies’ fighting the Satanic Germans, they could justify the firebombing of civilian targets and the betrayal of Eastern Europe, also, the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki don’t seem so bad compared with the industrial slaughter of six million Jews and millions of others as well.

The Soviets were thrilled with the holocaust and it seems much of the false evidence comes from fabricated Soviet sources. They could always point to the death camps and state that the Germans were worse, that fascism is worse than communism, because the Soviets might kill lots of people, but at least it isn’t racially biased, and this is something pro-communists state even today!

Finally the Jews. The holocaust has been a boon for Israel and the Jews; the compensation from Germany, Switzerland and others has led to billions flowing into Israel and Jewish organisations over the past sixty years. The outpouring of sympathy and guilt helped Israel in its formative years as it expelled hundreds of thousands of Arabs and took their land, the only people protesting then were the Arabs, whom were ignored, as the holocaust was still fresh in peoples’ minds. This has continued to be the case today, where we find people and nations accused of anti-Semitism if they criticise Israel for something or other, some people are accused of being the second Hitler, indeed anyone America, Britain or Israel dislike and want out of the way are described as the second Hitler or even worse then Hitler, aka Nasser, Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and now Ahmadinejad.

I know many people will hate me for this, I would have a couple of years ago, I don’t expect people to accept this, but it is something I have meditated on quite a bit, it is not something I would have ever though I would write, especially when this site is available to others to read.

But is brings me back to my original thought, the slaughter of three hundred thousand people in Dresden, when stripped of the hatred for Germans and Germany, when open to the possibility that the holocaust never actually happened, or at least not in the way we have been taught to believe, then the bombing of Dresden is not only wrong, it is an abomination.

And no lie should be allowed to cover up the deaths of the innocent.

Just to pre-empt the inevitable comments, I am not a Nazi, never have been, and will not be in the future, although Hitler was indeed a gifted individual, he was incredibly stupid, invading Poland was a casus belli for war. Although I wish it had been stopped before Europe’s destruction, it can’t be claimed Germany was in the right in conquering all of Europe. Also, my admiration for the Russian peoples means that I can only be repelled by his attitude toward the Slavic peoples, a great and glorious part of the European race. If he had gone into Russia as a liberator, then fair enough, but he went in as an exterminator and conqueror and as such he received his just deserts at the hands of the Russians, not that I think the mass rape and expulsion of Germans from Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia is justified, but one can see the reason behind it!

7 thoughts on “The Abomination at Dresden

  1. This is pure Jim Corr stuff.
    “there are many sites that can be of help in holocaust research”
    Sure there is, there are plenty more sites that will tell you black is white and up is down, etc. That’s precisely the problem with the internet, the normal rules of sourcing and evidence don’t apply.

    Why don’t you get off the web, get up on your two hind legs, fly to Poland, visit a few extermination camps (or whatever you’d prefer to call them, either way you know where they are), fly home, and then see if you’re still so sure that this never happened.

  2. I find this post very disappointing and shocking. You’ve listed all the ways in which the Holocaust, and the political and moral reaction to it, have left you feeling emotionally exhausted. Then, with no examination of the massive and irrefutable evidence (eyewitness tesitmony, the Goebbels journals etc.), you declare that it did not happen. But all the things you object to – anti-German hysteria and sadism, the demonisation of whites and Christians, the obviously phony “everyone is Hitler” canard – cannot be defeated with lies.

    You are paradoxically making the traditional things you love harder to defend and contaminating them by association with Holocaust denial, which is very wrong. Not to mention you are playing into the hands of anti-Semites, who would destroy everything good in the world after they have destroyed the Jews. The main purpose of Holocaust denial is to make people hate Jews and you should not even dip your toes into this wickedness. You seem to have reached this point out of despair, but despair is a sin. I do hope you’ll reconsider and publish a retraction.

    In the meantime, here is an excerpt from a recent blog post by Peter Hitchens (, in which he debunks the fallacious claim that Hitler was a practicing Catholic, and the Nazis were Christian:

    “My proposition is that Hitler was an evolutionist, a survival-of-the-fittest Spencerian, and non-Christian theist. The ‘Christ’ of the ‘German Christians’ was not, for instance, a Jew.

    Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the original racialist theorist, and one of the prophets of Nazi racial theory, devoted some effort to trying to establish that Jesus was not a Jew. Yet it’s perfectly obvious from the Gospels that Christ was a Jew. Nobody could be a Christian and accept this nonsense. I don’t think most Nazis believed it either. Olivia Manning, who was in Nazi-dominated Bucharest in 1940-41, records watching newsreels of victorious German soldiers singing, in 1940, ‘Wir wollen keinen Christen sein, weil Christus war ein Judenschwein’ – ‘We don’t want to be Christians, because Christ was a Jewish pig’. I regret having to reproduce this slime, and having to translate it, but people should be in no doubt of the sort of thing that was taught and sung in the SA, the SS and the Hitler Youth, and of the vicious hostility towards Christianity shown by National Socialists at many opportunities. How this could be so if Hitler had been a practising Roman Catholic, I really cannot say. Hitler’s mystical references to the Almighty are not by any means necessarily to be taken as references to the God of Christianity, let alone the God of Judaism.”

  3. If Bomber Harris is a war criminalthen so is Bill Clinton for his 50+ days of bombing Servia. What a thank you we gave them for rescuing allied flyers in WWII.

    How long will the world have to listen to the zionists about the Holocaust?

  4. In response to Sean firstly, I am not saying that no Jews died, or that almost none died, I am stating that is seems unlikely that the traditional number of six million died, that it seems to me unlikely that there were ‘death camps’ in the way we have been told and that the suffering of the Jews is not unique. This is not something I’m blindly going on about, its been something I’ve been reading about for a few years now.

    My point is not actually about the Jews, my point is that we have been bred to hate the vanquished Germans and that even 70 years after the event we are still being encouraged to hate them and to harden our hearts against any German suffering. That is my point!

    The Holocaust, which I don’t think was as mechanical, industrial, planned or as brutal as we are told, is used by the MSM to emotionally blackmail us into doing or thinking evil things.

    Millions of Germans did die and they are forgotten because they are German, thousands of Serbs died, but they don’t matter because they were just like the Germans. They both massacred innocents.

    Well, so did the Soviets, in larger numbers then the Germans ever managed, so did the British and Americans, but there are many people that still mourn their dead.

    Just because I have come to the conclusion that the holocaust did not happen, does not make me a Nazi or a Facist or some bloodthirsty kook that beleives in UFOs, all I’m looking at is the facts, and they do not lend themselves to support the central myths of the holocaust, the death camps, gas chambers and massive programme of burning thousands of bodies daily. I’m not stating that no one died, Im not stating that many Jews were targeted, persecuated and killed, only that the idea of the holocaust is untrue, which is probably why there are laws against stating what I have stated in most European nations nowadays.

    In response to Richard, I would say that both Clinton and Blair are war criminals for what they did to Serbia, and both are guilty of treason against thier peoples and countries. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to be tried for these crimes though!

  5. I think that the air war might have developed differently if Air Marshal “Stuffy” Dowding had not been summarily dismissed after he made the Battle of Britain possible by recalling the fighter squadrons from France. He was a religious man – hence his nickname. I have lost his book “Twelve Squadrons of Angels” (I think it was called)

    However, I cannot think of many ordinary people of the wartime generation who would have objected to the Dresden operation, as long as Germany was continuing the fight. Everybody had seen the enthusiastic response to Goebbels’ question at the Sportpalast “Wollt Ihr einen totalen Krieg?” (Do you want a total war?) and would have (in the overwhelming majority) endorsed Bomber Harris in his comment “They have sown the wind and now will reap the whirlwind”. His stated aim of “burning Germany’s black heart out” caught the public mood. Added to which, Bomber Command had created an enormously effective conveyor belt for delivering bombs and you can’t just switch these things off – not in the middle of a war.
    Whilst there were people like Bishop Bell of Chichester who took your view and nobody locked him up for expressing it, I can’t think that many people would have shared it – and who could blame them, after what they had been through? Politicians could have stopped it but they didn’t and then they slighted the men who had done their duty. Just like today, really.

    The treatment of Bomber Command in respect of a campaign medal was shabby in the extreme, brought on by queazy stomachs after the event.

  6. The main purpose of Holocaust denial is to make people hate Jews and you should not even dip your toes into this wickedness.

    And why not. For a person that grew up hating Germans cause they were Germans (a particularly European fetish on nations hating other nationalities, which includes Irish vs English), it’s natural to slip back into the mode of “finding somebody” to blame.

    To the Irish Tory,

    You haven’t escaped German phobia, hatred, and prejudice. You’ve just let the internet and certain factions convince you of something else equally as bad to believe in.

    I’ve seen them all, I’ve read dozens of books, and there they are still banging on about it sixty years later, ignoring the Armenian genocide, the Assyrian massacres, the Bolshevik terrors in Russia and Eastern Europe and everything else that has ever happened in all of recorded history, according to TV, history began in 1933!

    Were the Americans in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Assyria documenting those incidents?

    The world doesn’t give a damn unless America gives them a reason to. It’s too much work otherwise.

    The Left, the Nazis, the Transnational Progressives, the Russians, etc can’t cover up the evidence Americans collected on the Holocaust. But they can undermine it. Given the world economy, there’s always a market for finding somebody to hate for problems your own people caused. And the Jews have been the lowest hanging fruit in this category for thousands of years.

    But is brings me back to my original thought, the slaughter of three hundred thousand people in Dresden, when stripped of the hatred for Germans and Germany, when open to the possibility that the holocaust never actually happened, or at least not in the way we have been taught to believe, then the bombing of Dresden is not only wrong, it is an abomination.

    You have no idea what the motivations and reasoning were back in the day for the bombing of Dresden. All you have to go on are ex post facto delusions of various ideological factions existing now.

    There’s a certain flaw to believing that because you have personal experience of hating Germans, that people back in the day felt the same and that’s why they made Dresden happen. It’s also a mistake to mix together Russian behavior vs American or British behavior. German women and families were running towards the Americans. From the Russians. And for good reason.

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