Something stinks in America

Sarah, Maid of Albion has written about the MSM/Elite feverish attempt to pin the blame for the attempted bombing in New York on some middle-aged white guy. I myself was wondering what on Earth the MSM were on about. The CCTV does not show the man leaving the car, it only shows him taking his jacket off and putting it in his suitcase, before moving on.

What possible reason would the MSM/Elites have for seeking to blame a white guy for the attempted ‘terrorist’ attack? Well it seems that like most things, Obama and his feverish worshipers have decided to wage war on white folk in America. The Tea Party movement has been vilified and the MSM organ pieces over on this side of the pond buy into the Obama worship hook line and sinker.

It is actually disturbing.

When I went home recently, everything on RTE that had anything to do with America was hysterically full of hatred of the Tea Party movement, the RTE news ran interviews with the simplest or most ignorant people at the Tea Party meetings, running their ignorant ramblings every few hours, much to the merriment of my family, who, being completely brainwashed by the useless, Marxist trash that RTE spews every day, were parotting the MSM line that the Tea Party members were ignorant ‘rednecks’.

Then in contrast, everything about Obama was reverential in tone, the way RTE used to treat the Church back in the day before they came out of their secular/Satanist closet. Again, my family took it in hook line and sinker!!!!

I did try to correct them, but it soon became apparent it was no good, Obama is the new god of the left and leftists, which my family unfortunately, are.

Obama and his worshipers, and of course his handlers seem to be afraid of the Tea Party movement, that is why they are vilified, that is why they are hated and that is why hatred of them is encouraged by Obama’s mouth pieces in the MSM. I’m sure most have read about Nancy Polosi’s slanderous talk about swastika tattoos on Tea Party protesters, that is why some black race hustler accuses them of shouting racial epitaphs at him and why the sodomite Barney Frank gets his knickers in a twist when someone calls him on his shameful sin.

This has the potential to become something bigger and more violent, not that I think the Tea Party members are violent, but because I know the leftist Obama worshipping thugs are. These leftist thugs will at some point provoke violence with the Tea Party, and then any retaliation will be jumped on by the MSM, who will conveniently overlook the leftist thugs and their violence and have wall to wall coverage of the ‘nasty, redneck, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist, anti-abortion, anti immigration, WHITE, male Teabaggers’.

The only thing about this scenario is, I don’t think these leftist thugs know what they are doing, the Tea Party is made up of the best of America, and probably the best armed part of America, any violence encouraged or condoned by Obama may backfire badly and he may find himself fleeing the country, well one can hope!

The attempted bombing stunk, I don’t know who did it, but it seemed a bit too convenient for the Obama thug regime, and if a white guy was the fall guy for it, well one would know it to be some sort of false flag op. The government of Those united states of America is not exactly unknown for telling porkies about whats going on and has not been unwilling to sacrifice its own people for ‘the greater good’!

2 thoughts on “Something stinks in America

  1. You’re right about the Tea Parties being the best armed part of the USA. If the leftists start violence, it could end very badly for them. The Tea Party/NRA faction contains most the armed civilians in the USA. (mostly ex-military). The military and police are both sympathetic to the Tea Parties and hate Obama.

  2. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. If, as I suspect, the ‘progressives’ or as has been more correctly termed the ‘Whigs’ of America decide to continue their demonisation of the Tea Party, then we could see the beginings of the end of the United States as we know it, not neccisarily the collapse of that state, but the possible end of big government, the end of the multicultural-multiracial mongrel socialist central government.

    As I’ve said before, one can only hope!

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