Progressive, Radical and Revolutionary

That is how the new ‘Conservative’ prime minister David Cameron keeps on describing his new government.

Please tell me how the word conservative can be reconciled with the words progressive, radical and revolutionary?

It is possible that to restore a conservative constitution and encourage the nation to become conservative again one would have to be radical, but radical in abolishing marxist laws, not in upgrading ‘civil partnership’ to marriage!

It is of course wonderful to see the loathsome Labour government swept from power, it is with joy that I saw enemies of our people such as Shahid Malik lose his seat, but no matter how much one looks at this, it is only a change of the guard. One part of the internationalists is replaced by another part of the internationalists, the Bank of England is still owned by the same people, their puppet Mr King is still Governor of the Bank of England. The Christ haters still govern this country and will continue with their war against Christians. Our decent into an amoral hell is still underway, nothing of substance has changed.

This is because of democracy, it is democracy that is the greatest gift our enemies could ever have wished for, that is why democracy was opposed for so long, it was understood that democracy would destroy morality, responsibility and prosperity, once the ignorant can be bribed to vote a certain way, they will, most voters have no ideas of who or what they vote for, only the foggiest of ideas about ‘Tory cuts’ or ‘Labour investment’. That is why politicians sound dumb, they repeat the same thing day in, day out, not necessarily because they are stupid, but because the voters are, they are morons and the politicians treat them as such.

With millions of morons voting in elections, it is no wonder we get the results we get, there is no real accountability, even the press just ask simplistic questions of simple problems, nothing about fractional reserve banking or the powers of private central banks for our voters!

The real reason for mass democracy was to institute government without accountability, how can twenty-nine percent of the population of Great Britain vote for Labour after what they have done to this country over the last thirteen years? It is about tribal stupidity and selfish greed, state workers, benefit scroungers, immigrants legal and otherwise, vote for Labour.

The floating voters, whoever they are, voted Conservative and Liberal this time, but what have they got, more of the same.

Some game this democracy!

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