The Bilderbergers

What do the Bilderbergers talk about when they meet up?

Do they chew the fat, exchange ideas and share gossip? Are they an elite social club?

If so why do they attempt to keep themselves from the media?

Only a few years ago, I had never heard of the Bilderbergers, when I first read of them, I assumed that it was a harmless meeting of important people and dismissed the more sensational claims made by the likes of Alex Jones. The more I have read of them, the more puzzled I am. I don’t have much of a problem with heads of governments, heads of state, big business and the like meeting up to discuss world problems, this strikes me as sensible, after all they do this out in the open dozens of times a year with G20 meetings, G7 meetings, G8 meetings, then there are the European Council meetings, UN meetings, ASEAN, NAFTA, Commonwealth, CIS, etc, etc…

So why do they choose one meeting a year (that we are aware of) where all is kept secret? If they treated this meeting as they do the G20 meetings, I imagine few people would care or even notice it, what is it about the Bilderbergers that sets it apart?

As far as I can make out, there are some regulars to this group, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker and David Rockefeller, the others seem to come and go, although being a secret meeting and a secret grouping, I imagine that there are a great many more regulars whom I know not of! This group also seems to vet potential leaders of important posts such as prime ministers and presidents of various nations important to this group, the visits of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in the early and mid nineties comes to mind, as does the attendance of this meeting in 2008 by Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. It has also been confirmed the new Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has attended this years meeting in Spain with his pal Peter Mandelson. Last year Peter Mandelson, a Labour government minister went on holiday with George Osborne to Greece, where they stayed on board the yacht of Nathan de Rothschild and were introduced to a dodgy Russian billionaire oligarch! Hmmmmm.

Is any of that starting to sound a bit strange, a bit like all those conspiracy stories one has read in the bowels of the internet where strange sorts prowl? Well, this is not conspiracy, but all can be confirmed from the MSM, just have a look in the Guardian or the Telegraph and you will see that this is the case and has not even been denied by those involved. Nathan de Rothschild even wrote a letter to the Times about this incident complaining about George Osborne trying to distance himself from himself and Peter Mandelson.

Now I have read the theories about the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers, I have read the theories about the Masons and the Jews and everything in between, some are patent nonsense, some are obviously true, some I have no idea about, but over time, the conspiracies seem to increasingly offer the best explanations to many problems and many mysteries that surround us. I remember bringing up the Bilderbergers with a friend of mine, after I had verified that they did exist and did have secret meetings, at first he reacted as most do, accusing me of being a conspiracy nut (even though I have not made any judgement of this group myself) and of being too ready to believe nonsense, funny, he is now more aware of Bilderberg then I am and more ready to assign ill to it then I!

It is apparent that our elites hate us, they show contempt for us at every opportunity, they legislate against us, they flood our homes with savage beasts who rape, beat and rob us, they use our money to fund our enemies and lose no chance to demonise us. They mock us and sneer at all the good that has come from our civilisation, they spit in our faces and mock our God and despise our faith. These leaders all seem to be on a similar road, they are all traitors, whether they are Americans, Germans, Italians, English, Australians, Canadians or French, they seem to follow one another into the depths of depravity, they implement similar laws and persecute similar people. We know this because we see it every day in front of us, we see it on the news, we read of it in the papers and on the internet. We also know the cream of this hateful treasonous elite meet each other in secret every year and discuss things. Whether this is a meeting to ‘run the world’ or not, is irrelevant. Their shared ‘values’ or lack thereof, their shared ambitions and shared outlook mean that this meeting is symbolic of their shared hatred of us.

Bilderberg is not just about some secret meeting, it is symbolic and so I can safely state I oppose the Bilderbergers and all they stand for!

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