This is an interesting account of what awaits the MSM, and about bloody time too! There is nothing so boring, so mind numbing as watching the MSM version of news, to see what they have decided will be news and what their axe grinding session will consist of that day.

For a few weeks we have been bombarded with stories of a former child killer, something Thompson, he was ten years old when he killed a younger child with his friend in Liverpool, this was what twenty years ago or so, well apparently he has been looking a child porn on the internet and he has been sentenced for it, so far so uninteresting, right? Well not according to the MSM, wall to wall coverage of something so boring and irrelevant, that I don’t really know what their angle is, is it white guys inherently evil? I have no idea.

Another pointless story was the Mel Gibson nonsense, some guy gets angry at his slutty ex and she records him so as to ruin him and make lots of money, whats the angle here? Evil white guy again?

And of course one has the daily boring non stories about some celebrity getting sick, or another celebrity sleeping with another celebrity and on and on…

I don’t hear much about the economic collapse that is still ongoing, the dangers of a deflationary China, the ongoing civil war in Mexico, the low-level intifada in France or the mass rape of white women across the western world, but hey, that is asking a bit too much, that might be considered news!! And they wouldn’t want that would they?

No the MSM is there to inoculate, it is to break down our morals and make us accept the poison that is being proffered, indeed, it is there to convince us that we need the poison, just take a glance at any soap, it is obvious that they have contempt for us. They portray adultery as normal, or desirable and marriage as boring or harmful, homosexuality is celebrated on soaps, and those who are portrayed as opposing it are painted as evil, and many times end up ‘repenting’ and seeing the morality of sodomy!!! Then there are the murders, which always look cool, the lies that everyone tells, the shouting, the screaming, the hatreds the immorality is claustrophobic.

Not that I watch soaps, but when visiting my granny I inevitable am accosted with this filth. My little old Catholic granny watches this shit and then goes to Mass, how does that work?

The MSM is powerful, more so than can know, but one can hope that piece by piece, little by little, they will lose their power and more and more people will switch over and then when the realise there is nothing on, perhaps switch off!

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