Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of those sacred times of the year for muticult types, those who wish to revel in filth, be assaulted by very loud ghetto music and prove how hip and right on they are.

I thankfully don’t live in Notting Hill, although I do travel through it, and last Monday, in some moment of madness I thought I would risk traveling through Notting Hill on my way home, it was late, so I wrongly assumed the event would be over or at least winding down. Well, I was wrong.

I should have turned around when I saw the mounds of rotting rubbish everywhere one looked, but I continued on, further into the swirling vortex that is the carnival. I walked through streets filled with rubbish, stinking portaloos overflowed on the side of the footpaths, vomit, shit and piss almost everywhere one looked, but that was not the worst of it.

Packs of snarling black youths where on the hunt, glaring at me as I walked past and in some areas attacking police with bottles and stones, police helicopters hovered overhead, streets were cordoned off and guarded by dozens of officers. Whole streets where normally one would see shops where now boarded up and already the boards where full of graffiti, houses where also boarded up, there were police check points, and looking down one street I must have seen about one or two hundred police officers marching up the road. It was chaos.

It didnt look like London, it looked more like some third world hell hole in a state of war!

As I carefully picked my way through the filth strewn streets trying to get out of this nightmare, the stink of this potpourri of human waste, rotting fast food and stale beer began to make me feel sick, how do people stand it?

I have never been one for crowds or noise, especially ‘ethnic’ events such as this, I can’t understand all those people who go there every year, it seems like a punishment.

But I now know never to go anywhere near Notting Hill around the August Bank Holiday!

11 thoughts on “Notting Hill Carnival

  1. London is a city with an incredible history going back to the Romans. There is a sence of destiny about that place. Maybe the decay is part of that destiny. Looking at the you tube videos from the 1945 VE day celebrations, it didn’t take long to destroy all of that London.

  2. It’s highly unlikely your real feet-on-the-ground story could ever be published in any MSM outlet for fear the dumbed-down populace might actually see what is usually hidden from them, which is why bloggers are a valuable source of uncensored information.

    So your journey through that African jungle did serve a purpose, if only to enlighten this one reader as to the realities of London 2010.

    Somehow, I prefer to remember my last European trip in 1976 with a greater fondness than I would have today.

  3. It is strange that the MSM response to what happened was to ignore it! Although what do we expect?

    If this was some festival of Englishness, I can assure you, similar sorts of filth and violence would have been highlighted and broadcast around the world.

    But they are black, so they are cut more slack.

  4. Speaking of the “enriched” realities of London 2010, view the video below. But I offer a warning….it’s not pretty!

  5. What the hell, this is really rude and disrespectful. You sound like an upper class racist twat. ‘black youths’, ‘third worls hell’- get over yourself

  6. Lucy, you say I’m disrespectful, how so? Is there anything within this post that is factually wrong? If so, I would be glad to correct it. Oh and I’m not upper class, I’m a country boy from Ireland.

  7. This is funny how you say you hate this “filthy ethnical” event and yet you find pleasure in going through the streets of Notting Hill, on Monday night, after 2 days of carnival party. The streets are empty at that time, there is no more music or anything else happening. It is normal that all you will find is rubbish piled up and police chasing who-ever is still there. Now, come during the day and you will find one of the most heart warming and hospitable event you can find in London, with great music and an amazing vibe. This carnival is the biggest in Europe, and happening every year since the past 50 years. Why do you think so? Because it is a very enjoyable event. If you don’t like it, don’t go there, don’t mention it, don’t even think about it. No need to take it personally and writing this anti-racial blog post of yours.

  8. Firstly, I have been there in the day and it is like hell! It is aggressive, smelly, nasty and overpriced.

    Second, I have every right to complain about this slow motion riot in my city, these people shouldn’t even be here! They should be in Jamaica or Nigeria, not London.

    Thirdly, I have not ever met anyone, who is white, who says they liked Notting Hill Carnival, not one, and I mix in very liberal circles!

    Finally, I take very personally, the use of millions of third world savages against my people by western governments!

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