Hope in the east

I recently had to go to Leipzig, in the former GDR, I must admit, I was not looking forward to it, expecting drab, monotonous cities, my only aim on my few days there was to go to Dresden to have a peek at the restored Frauenkirche.

A new building in Leipzig

Well, I was shocked, truly I was, this eastern part of Germany is not only not drab, but beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful, the food and drink is very good and quite reasonably priced and the cities are being transformed from the ugly socialist ruins that they once were into the beautiful cities they are becoming.

Leipzig, in the market square

The one thing that struck me most was the lack of diversity, I saw three blacks and two orientals in my time there, time spent in two large cities as well. There were actually not even many non-German tourists, a few Czechs, the odd Englishman and two Americans, but that was about it! I walked through big sprawling council estates at night, I did not feel afraid, I did not clench my fists as people came walking in my direction, I did not worry about getting attacked or stabbed, I was not stressed for those few days. Such was the lack of diversity!

A Dresden estate

When I left Leipzig to go to Dresden for the night, I actually realised I would miss the city I once dismissed, but Dresden, what a place, a city risen from the ruins. The Frauenkirche pops its dome above the city’s skyline dominating it, defining what Dresden is.

The Frauenkirche

Dresden and Leipzig seemed to be what I wish all of our cities were like, inhabited by our people, with our people working in the hotdog stands or in the butchers or serving coffee or cleaning the hotel rooms or public toilets, living in the estates and the fancy houses, living in the city centre and the suburbs, not as is in London, seeing our people being cleansed from the historic heart of the city in favour of aliens who are hostile to our continued existence.

The lack of diversity was encouraging, it shows that the lies of the multicultis are just that, lies, we don’t need slums filled with angry blacks, we don’t needs ghettos filled with resentful unemployed arabs, we don’t need immigrants ‘to do the jobs we don’t want to do’, because in a healthy society every job can be done by a local, because a healthy society will not allow big business and slimeball politicians to lower the wages of locals by flooding the area with invaders, who they give free housing to, how fair it that?

The Frauenkirche from the Elbe

Another thing that my trip to Saxony shows, is that we are capable of building beautiful buildings and cities today, we have not completely lost our ability to erect structures like the Frauenkirche or the townhouses that surround it. We can still dress stone, work with plaster and use paint to create beauty instead of painful and shabby ugliness.

I have left a few pictures of Leipzig and Dresden

2 thoughts on “Hope in the east

  1. Dresden is indeed a beautiful city. Whilst you were there, did you get a chance to visit the Green Vault, an exhibition of art and other cultural treasures found by the electors of Saxony?

    If not and you return I would definitely recommend it.

    My favourite piece was an imperial eagle, raising in one talon a sceptre which it was bringing down upon an Islamic crescent clutched in the other.

    It was commissioned to celebrate Christian victory in the Battle of Vienna.

    Tragically ironic really, if you’ve visited the more “enriched” parts of Germany.

  2. No, I was only there a day, but I intend on returning in the next few months. So I will take your advice and drop on by the Elector’s treasure rooms!

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