Global Unrest

I’m not quite sure what to make of the unrest sweeping the Middle East at the moment, partly I’m quite happy to see thugs like Qaddafi, Mubarak and others fall or flee, I’m also not convinced how truly spontaneous this is! It all seems to to be following a formula!

Perhaps I’m over suspicious, but one thing I do know is we will see many more Muslims pour into Europe claiming asylum from their newly liberated homes, quite why they would bother liberating themselves just to flee is odd! Although they could be the remnants of the old regimes, fleeing in fear that their victims will find them and do to them what they were used to doing to others!

One problem which will remain, despite the ouster of dictators, is the fact that these people, with the possible exception of Libya can’t feed themselves without western largesse, Egypt has over eighty million people, half under the age of thirty and the banks of the Nile and it’s delta are the only places where they can grow food! It can only be a matter of time, months, years, maybe a decade or so if we are lucky before Egypt starves! Then they will pour out of Egypt in every direction and will make their way to Europe. All Arab nations face this time bomb, with their incessant, ideological breeding, lack of water or arable land, pathological aversion to work and their unceasing victim mentality!

There is little we can do to help! Trust me! I’m sharing a flat with an Arab at the moment, he is a generous, decent sort of chap, but is unemployed! He insists on doing things for me that I could quite easily do myself, but he is nuts! I’m not sure if he is insane or whether this is what all Arabs are like. Although relying on past experience, he is not atypical!

I’m looking to move soon, as he is driving me mad with his Qaddafi-ish rants, full of contradictions and baseless paranoid theories! He has claimed on more then one occasion that Mossad and the CIA were behind the 9/11 attacks, which I’m partial to myself, and within half an hour is stating that the Americans deserved the attack due to their unjust support of Israel! Saying to me ‘how can Muslims just stand by and see their people attacked and not act’! I point out the inconsistencies but it does not faze him, this is what we are dealing with!

Non European people are not like us, argument is not about trying to bring facts and rational thinking into a conversation it is a one way rant that changes every five minutes without realising they are arguing from separate and sometimes contrary points of view, whilst believing both at the same time! One cannot talk with them or negotiate, they do not comprehend the concept of friendly argument and will not take kindly to any sort of representative ‘ democracy’, it’s impossible!

Seeing an unjust ruler fall is good to see, but I really don’t think democracy is the answer, as democracy is a tool to keep people quiet whilst the powers that be go on looting our national wealth and selling us in to debt slavery! All this while protected by the law that they paid to be written by their hired whores in parliament/the Dail/congress etc…

Lets see where this goes!

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