Irish Democracy

Well most of the results are in and it seems that Fianna Fail have been near enough wiped out after their treasonous sellout to the IMF and European Commission! Fine Gael have made some fuzzy claims about renegotiating the bailout, but how can they negotiate when Europe and the IMF will refuse? Fianna Fail ensured that the election would be held well after the bailout was agreed for just this purpose, they knew that if people had a say, they would happily have let the banks sink and with them, the bondholders!

The banks with exposure could not allow this to happen, so their place-man Cowen, would have been told in no uncertain terms that if he ever wished to get on the European gravy train, he would have to make the big banks happy,in other words sell his country into debt slavery!

Fine Gael will do just what their masters tell them to do, just as Fianna Fail did before them! We will think things have changed when all that has happened is one set of place-men have been replaced by another! Plus ca change.

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