Western Hypocrisy

There seems to a campaign afoot to wage war against Qaddafi and liberate the oppressed people of Libya! Well that’s the official reason anyway, what it is about is anyones guess, oil and power most likely!

I am beginning to think there much more to this ‘Arab Spring’ then meets the eye, and this war mongering by the likes of Clinton and Cameron convinces me that this is not solely about locals overthrowing despots!

The one thing about the Libyan crisis that makes me laugh is the condemnation of Qaddafi by western leaders, who accuse him of killing his own people, oppressing them, etc…

Well as bad as Qaddafi is, and as reprehensible as his use of black mercenaries is, he is not as bad as our ‘democratically elected’ leaders are!

Libya is still Libyan, it is still home to the ancestors of people who lived there five hundred years ago and more, Qaddafi may recently have turned black savages against his people, but at least he is more honest about it then our leaders who import millions of savages and let them run amok in our ancient homelands!

In ten years time Libya will still be Libyan. In England we have cities vying to be the first majority minority city in the country, as if this is something to be proud of! We have civic and elected leaders openly hate their own people and call for their replacement, we have them support lunatic policies that no Arab leader, no matter how crazed, would ever dream of supporting!

And so Obama and Cameron, leaders of the west are calling Qaddafi crazy and uncivilised because he has turned on his people, yet our leaders turned on us decades ago and are destroying us in slow motion. The west is talking about no fly zones and military intervention, yet how many of our people have died as a result of violence by immigrants from the third world? How many raped? How many living in fear on estates?

Qaddafi may be bad, he may be mad, but it is western leaders who are truly wicked!

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