Why Libya? Why Now?

As you have no doubt seen, European planes and American missiles are pounding Libya. I’m still puzzling over why this is happening, ‘uman rights’ scream the supporters of this conflict, but if that is truly the case, then we are going to be at war for a very long time and against most of the world!

AltRight seems to think that this war is an extension of the Jacobin cause to the middle east, I believe there may be something in that, there is nothing that offends the liberal quite as much as a society that abhors abortion or thinks the best use of a womans time is to raise a family. The libs have raised the banner and will not stop till there are abortuaries on every Arab street staffed my soulless harpies trained to hate men and children!

But I digress, this war in Libya may, in the words of David Cameron, be right, necessary, etc, but he left out the word wise, and I don’t think this is a mistake, I fear we have entered into another bloodletting in which many of our men will be sacrificed to the great god of liberaldom.

Why are we at war? To salve the consciences of Cameron Sarkozy and Obama? To seize Libya’s oil? Well there is not all that much oil, what about to get rid of Qaddafi? Well why do that, he has been very good for business in the last decade, if we wanted to get rid of him, we should have done this after the Lockerbie bombing, not after some local riots in Benghazi. And who are we to say that the rioters should be supported? Who are they? What are their aims beyond getting rid of Qaddafi? None of these questions have been asked, never-mind answered.

It seems to me, highly unwise to involve ourselves in some murky conflict in some murky part of the world, coming out in unequivocal support of God knows who against a madman who was good for business. I think it says a lot about our leaders that they can rush into this local riot bombing, flinging missiles and calling for the assassination of a national leader without thought of any consequence.

Some day, perhaps not too soon in the future, we could see all the might of the west evaporate, who then can say what could happen to these cocky western politicians?

We have forsaken good sense long ago, we have been living on the laurels of a civilisation that is now long dead, it is only a matter of time before we run out the built up virtue that we once had, then we are toast!

One thought on “Why Libya? Why Now?

  1. It just occurs to me that a military and/or naval base in Libya might be just the thing we need to put a check on Egypt.

    I am coming from the assumption (justified, I think), that Zionist prerogatives are driving foreign policy. If that is so (and it seems pretty obvious when you into it), the motivation becomes clear:

    They have lost Egypt as an ally. In fact, they have lost all allies in the region. Putting a Western-controlled client state on the other side of Egypt would be a HUGE accomplishment in terms of balancing Egyptian power.

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