Is it Easter?

Well not if you are watching British television! I’m not a great consumer of tele, but I do browse the channels the odd time, watch some non political documentaries such as nature programmes or things like the excellent Wonders of the Solar System.

Today is a bank holiday, or Good Friday, it is the most important time in the Christian calendar and is absent from television, all 30 or so channels, all of them!

When we had to endure the last Ramadan season, there were programmes on describing how wonderful Islam is, there were programmes about Mohammed and the foundation of Islam, all very reverential in tone.

Today, on our most important time of year, the BBC is treating us to Graham Norton, a flamboyant, no holds barred queer! On Good Friday!

On other channels we have the standard sewerage, soaps filled with sodomites and adulterers, we have reality programmes we have CSI as always, we have the Hitler channel with it’s non stop slur of Germany.

Nothing about Easter, nothing!

Even a few years ago that was unthinkable, we would have those awful 50s religious films, but at least there was a bare recognition of the time of year!

Why not stick the Miracle Maker on? A few non anti Christian documentaries? Why can’t they stop the smut for one weekend?

I know the answer, but it still angers me!

2 thoughts on “Is it Easter?

  1. May tbe Lord bless and keep you on this day of solemn remembrance. We can’t change the wicked, but more importantly, we can’t let the wicked change us.

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