The Royal Wedding

I must admit I wasnt terribly interested in the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, it seemed overdone, overhyped and from what people had told me, no one was interested. One acquaintance told me she would rather watch paint dry!

Well, on the day I was up and so I thought I would give it a watch, to see how excruciating it would be, I didn’t really have much hope for Kate or William to have any taste, I assumed they would go for a ‘hip’ and ‘modern’ wedding! Well thank God they didn’t!

As it happens, the wedding was actually quite tastefully done, except for that dreadful modern hymn that the Dean of Westminster Abbey wrote for the occasion, but we can’t really blame the couple for that. Overall the ceremony was beautiful, it was good to hear references to ‘Christian marriage’, ‘Christian upbringing’ and ‘in fear of the Lord’, with no apologies. One hopes that the sodomite in chief, Elton John and his catamite felt a but uncomfortable at these words!

After watching the wedding I was doing my rounds of websites and blogs for the day and ended up reading some post of Fistful of Euros, the writer was scathing of the wedding and the very concept of monarchy, I could have read his post on the Guardian’s Comment is Free! Another anti-Europe blogger at EU Referendum was equally scathing, every sentence dripping in hate and loathing of the Windsors and monarchism.

I don’t really get them, I can understand not being too fond of the present Queen, she has stood by whilst the country was trashed and sold, but the idea that some president would be better, or that a series of presidents over the last sixty years would have opposed the trashing of the country seems fanciful, we don’t need to overthrow the monarchy, but Parliament. A king or queen could be a great unifying figure in any future British resistance, a monarch could lead the way to a renewed Britain, something no politician could do.

Well, after reading the above blogs, I decided to go out and have a look myself, I walked up toward Hyde Park and when there was in the midst of a great crowd, there were families having pick nicks, there were couples ridding bikes, there were people sunbathing in the warm evening, there were folk bands strumming ukuleles, fiddles and guitars. It was a scene I have rarely come across in London, it looked like England, granted there were Americans, Canadians, Australians, but most people were white, most people were British and everyone was beaming with happiness.

I then went on to the other side of Hyde Park toward Buckingham Palace, the crowds got thicker, more bands playing, more pick nicks on Green Park, young fellows playing rugby or football, children running about with balloons and flags, people drinking and having a very merry time of it, almost no blacks, no Somalians at all, which I thought strange, they usually love crowds like this where they can pickpocket and rob to their heart’s content, but no, no Somalians. There were a few Arabs, some Europeans, French and German, but contrary to the Fistful of Euros guy statement regarding the crowds being all tourists, well that just wasnt the case.

I ended up really enjoying yesterday, it shows the enduring power of monarchy, it is not necessarily rational, one can’t codify it or come up with a central unifying creed, but there is something that can affect people, for good, as in this case, or bad, as in the case if the death of Diana. It is something closer to magic, and it is something I prefer to all the self-righteous philosophical poseurs who insist they know better.

Yesterday was good, but I suppose it was also in some ways a denial of where we are now at, the England I saw yesterday was how England should look, it should be filled with references to Christ, it should be about respectful ritual, of love of country and its past, of joyful families wondering central London without fear, of communities coming together to share food and drink.

In reality England is not the England of yesterday, it is the England of riots, of Pakis grooming and raping young white girls, it is about depravity of the worst kind, it is about contempt for Christ and our past, it is about overturning everything old and good and noble.

But for one day people could dream, for one day they could make belive that England is the England of period costume dramas, the England of their dreams.

4 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding

  1. Lovely blog post thank you. I avoided the hoopla, even as I was mesmerized by Diana and Charles’ wedding, lo these many years ago.

    But reading your column, and seeing the utter contempt the ‘goyim’ have of White christendom, I am coming to a change of heart.

    I watched TV for all of five minutes this morning, as I awoke in a hotel room, on a trip I had to make. We don’t have connections to the TV in our home. My wife and I decided when the US went ‘digital,’ we’d opt out, and just watch the movies WE chose. And you know, I see TV as the great propagandizer, shoving mulattoes and mixed-raced aberrations at us, all in the name of some supposed ‘normalcy’ that is as perverse as it is Diverse.

    And I realized, “It’s all about illusion.” The modern antichrist state is all about ILLUSION. And what you saw is the REALITY. If only we could awaken from ‘the Matrix’ and realize that the true, the beautiful, the noble, the WHITE is what we not only want, but deserve from Our Lord and Saviour, we might actually fight to gain it back again.

    For the only way we will ever have it back, it to take up arms, and defend our native lands, to one again be for ‘Us, and our Posterity.’

    Your column is one such glimpse of REAL reality, and not the facade the Model of a Modern Multicultural presumes is either a) real, or b) wanted.

    – Fr. John

  2. Thanks for the comment! I don’t watch much tele as we call it over here! But I do live in a flat where there is a tele, so inevitably I do see some of it. Mostly news and the odd film or nature documentary! As you said it is a propaganda tool used by the powers that be, the illuminati or what ever you want to call it! It is amazing to see the blatant lies, the deceptions, the exaggerations.

    I do believe the Jews are important in this, but unfortunately many Shabas goys are as important.

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