Them and their perversions

The arrest of Dominic Strauss Kahn, for rape in New York is interesting, it seems as if DSK has been thrown to the wolves by his fellow members of the elite. I don’t know why they destroyed him like this, but I imagine he realises he just has to go along with this now, to speak up would open a can of worms and ensure his untimely demise.

I read somewhere, I think it was Nourishing Obscurity, where the writer mused about the fact that so many high ups seem to enjoy kinky sex, and he mentioned that perhaps this is one of the reasons why high ups become high ups. It does make sense, if one is part of some evil cabal that rules the world, one must have dirt on everyone else, just in case someone gets uppity, or gets a conscience or gets a bit blabber mouth on the cabal, the best dirt is sexual, it is deeply personal and when exposed to the light of day is embarrassing and exposes someone for who the really are.

Another thing about having this sort of dirt on each other is that it may bond those very same higher-ups, when one is in on a group secret it creates a bond of trust between them, if one goes down, they all go down, and so this secret society can go on and happily dishing out certain posts and sinecures to members of the club and exclude outsiders unless of course the outsider will offer up his own dirt or partake in some pseudo ceremonial initiation in which he does something shameful.

Old Thinker, has a very good post on how the elites think and how they are protected, unless of course they become disposable.

It is stories like this that should remind us just how wicked our rulers are, just how perverse and merciless, the crimes in which they are secretly involved would probably make us sick and make us weep in grief. The acts of the wicked sure are kept in the dark and will one day be exposed for all to see.

At that time, they will pay for the evil they have done, and no amount of dark sorcery or magic tricks will help them.

2 thoughts on “Them and their perversions

  1. During long discussions with a retired MP of the old school, he said to me “I was brought up in the Christian evangelical tradition and so avoided the scrapes many of my colleagues got into. SO THE WHIPS HAD NOTHING ON ME. (my emphasis)

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