The Libyan disaster

And we are now three months into a military campaign in a sparsely populated third world nation in north Africa. A nation that has limited military capabilities and one that is a sitting duck, due to it’s geography and climate, meaning all of it’s main cities and bases are on or near the Mediterranean sea.

Yet, NATO has been unable to dislodge Qadaffi and his bizarre regime! NATO is supposed to be the most powerful alliance in history, the mightiest collection of armed forces the world knows, and they can’t even defeat some tin pot dictator who presides over some sandbox in the Sahara.

Surely this is embarrassing? It should also make us stop and think, if our ‘great alliance’ can’t do the simplest of things how would they be able to to wage a real war? How would they fare against a real enemy such as China or the Russians?

So far NATO has been effectively defeated in Afghanistan and now Libya, Georgia a NATO hopeful was abandoned by the west when the madman Sakashvilli waged war against Russia! Germany, Spain, Poland and other NATO members are half hearted alliance members, being absent from the Libyan campaign and barely involved in the Afghan campaign, and even those like France and Britain who are involved were reportedly running out of munitions and had to have America send them more bombs! How pathetic is that?

It seems to me that the words ascribed to Osama Bin Laden, describing America as a paper tiger are prescient and that the entire military force of the west is a mirage, an illusion of power.

Men such as David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy are playing a dangerous game in north Africa, there may be a day when a real contest of armed force takes place, and I would not want to rely on the militaries of the west, as they seem at best overly reliant on overwhelming technological advantage, rather then well trained and efficient fighting men.

Let us hope we don’t have to fight a real war anytime soon!

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