Democracy in Action

The present crisis in Greece shows us once again, what democracy is really all about, it is not, as is often said or written, a way in which the ‘people’ can influence power, nor is it in any way near to that. It is a way to govern a people without them thinking they live under a dictatorship or an oligarchy.

The Greek parliament has decided to give its backing to the prime minister George Papandreou, the son and grandson of former socialist prime ministers, right! So apparently Greece is a republic! Right!!!

Outside the parliament there are constant demonstrations against the bailout and the cuts that are required by the IMF and ECB, but inside, they seem to think very little of the people who voted for them, and instead stand by their prime minister and against the interests of the Greek people.

Democracy is a beautiful thing, just let your eyes take in the miracle that is newly democratic Afghanistan, or Iraq, wow what a place, very near to paradise since people can put an ‘x’ in a box every five years or so! And look at that shining example of good government in Pakistan, all because they can vote for some MP every couple of years, and behold how democracy has created a cultural change in places like India and Iran and Egypt, all because of demonocracy, oops, I mean democracy!

What a load of old horse shit! What annoys me the most is those morons, those talking heads who think it worthwhile that all those young men from America, England and to a lesser extent other European places, have died for a purpose, all those men who could instead have been good fathers, who could have loved and been loved, who could have worked and invented and developed and perhaps even stood up for our people at some point, but whose broken remains are mouldering in the earth, their widows and orphans grieving their loss, and all for what? Democracy? What a bloody waste!

George Bush and Tony Blair droned on about democracy, Obama and Cameron and Sarkozy blab on and on about democracy and freedom, and so drop ever more bombs on a country that poses no threat to us, Cameron and Obama continue to put their soldiers in harm’s way, whilst all but admitting they are already defeated and planing their exit from the hell hole of Afghanistan. More and more will die for nothing, for the lie that is democracy, and yet in their own countries they continue to strip us of what few liberties we have left!

I believe more and more, people are beginning to realise that voting makes very little difference to how we are governed, the faces change, but the ever increasing volume of laws and regulations continues, the bureaucracy grows, taxes rise, benefits are cut and national debts increase, all whilst wages fall in real and nominal terms. This is a gigantic fraud, a lie of epic proportions that we have believed(well most of us at some point anyway)

Monarchy and the old republics are dismissed by the talking heads, and yet, they were far freer then we can even comprehend today, even the absolute monarchs had fewer powers then the modern bureaucratic state, they had fewer ways to rob their people, more obstacles in their way then the modern all-powerful government. Today no one can oppose the state, and if they do, God help them!

In the mediaeval world of Europe, a king was powerful, but not all-powerful, he had to be careful of his barons, lest they rebel, he had to appease the Church, lest he be excommunicated, he had to be careful of the cities, the burghers of whom could and did often rebel against unjust acts of monarchs and other rulers. Being a king was a balancing act and one had to be wise or one would find oneself prematurely in the grave succeeded by ones son and his regent.

Today, there is no church to oppose the state, local government is irrelevant, the nobility has been destroyed and bankrupted by the monied classes, there is no one to oppose power anymore. Parliaments are controlled, elections are a show, the mass media are cyphers, to the eyes of a mediaeval man, we would look like slaves, and that is what we are.

Democracy is what we now fight and die for, democracy is what we now swear our oaths to, democracy is what we cannot be against(have you ever had to fill out one of those forms when travelling abroad? They always ask you if you are opposed to democratic government, I wonder what would happen is you ticked the yes box?)

And democracy is how they control us!

4 thoughts on “Democracy in Action

  1. Democracy is a huge sham, especially in the U.S. Representation is not attainable without excess money, leading to rule by the rich. And the supremacy of the commons has been overthrown by the courts, which sit in the parallel position to the original House of Lords, holding unelected veto power over all law.

    Essentially, democracy has become a symbolic ritual, used to brainwash and control.

  2. And where would you be without democracy? You WANT to live in Russia, feel free to move there. I’m sure they’re always looking for new comrades, since all of them keep STARVING TO DEATH.

  3. Firstly, Russia is no longer communist, that ended 20 years ago, second, Russians don’t keep starving to death, the most recent famines in Russia were the contrived mass starvation the communists allowed in the thirties, and the famines caused by the ‘Great Patriotic War’. I’m sure Russia would be a delightful place to live, at least Russians are not affraid of non Russians raping their women, burning down their cities and robbing their grannies!

    You should read a little more of this blog, I’m not opposed to men voting, I’m opposed to the sick ideology of democracy, it is a lie, and we in the west are seeing our nations being sold to the highest bidders in the name of democracy, also, our ‘democratically elected’ rulers seek to ruin our nations by dumping millions of third world savages on us, again, justified by ‘democracy’. If a dictatorship would actually protect our nations, our peoples and bring peace, then yes, I would happily support it.

    Democracy is killing us, that is why I oppose it.

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