Norway massacre

Over ninety dead, one huge bomb in Oslo, stories of a laughing, gun totting, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist, blond, Aryan, man.

Wow, what the hell is going on?

Well, that is if the story was completely believable, there is much that does not seem to fit. And considering we are only two days from the terror, it means we will not know, can not know exactly what happened. When the story did break, the ‘counter jihadis’ were there in a flash writing about nasty Muslims blowing up Oslo, then when it seemed like it was a white guy, they wrote, ‘oh he must be a convert’, and now, well, they are becoming ‘conspiracy theorists’, much like those they have ridiculed for the last decade.

I think we may now see a few ‘counter jihadis’ see who and what is our real enemy, and it aint Muslims, they are the symptom, not the cause of our cultural and moral collapse, they are like a rash or a boil on our culture, they are a warning to those who can see.

I have heard a few pronouncements from the talking heads on the MSM describe this as Europe’s ‘Oklahoma’, they say this in their puffed up way, to imply that this is by some right-wing nut job, although like 9/11 anyone with a pinch of curiosity will quickly see that there is more than meets the eye in the rubble of the Murrah Building. However, I think they may be unintentionally onto something, ‘Oklahoma’ was a sudden attack on innocent people, at first some blamed Muslims and then fingers were pointed at one man and one man alone, he took the rap for the attack. The results were the beginning of the world-wide terrorist state, in which governments increase their already vast pool of powers, in this pan world terrorist state, we are tracked and licensed, we are taxed and inspected, we are stopped and searched, we are told in no uncertain terms, that all of the discomfort, all of the interference, all of the humiliation and delay is necessary, because of the ter’ists. We are held in contempt if we resist, we are imprisoned if we speak up, we are smeared if we are right and they are wrong. In this world-wide terrorist state, we have people randomly kill other innocent people, and once the massacre is over, we hear the terrorist state, drone on about ‘terrible loss’, as if they care. Many times real questions are left unanswered, many of those questions relate to the terrorist state’s involvement in said atrocity. I think a peruse of Vigilant Citizen can explain better than I, the possibilities involved, and he can point you in the direction of studies of false flag events and abusive government operations such as MK Ultra.

The official story in Oslo, if true, would seem to be a leftists dream. A nasty white Christian man killing lots of children, but what is the point in killing children? If he hates Muslims, as he supposedly does, why kill his own?

Is Anders Behring Breivik, supposed to have been able to plan, build and detonate a massive bomb that rocked the centre of a largish European capital. How did he manage this, when the underpants bomber and the Times Square bomber had spent months abroad studying to build bombs and then fail on their return? Not that I necessarily believe the official stories on those either, but come on, did he just make the bomb like others would make a cake?

Another thing that is very fishy, is the now, official account of what has happened, seen here at Wikipedia, how is everyone so sure about all this? It almost seems like the information has been given out by someone, it’s almost as if this has been planned, and not by one man either.

The story also seems a bit muddled, he is being refered to as right-wing and conservative, but his alleged writings point to him being quite the libertarian, I know some think of those things as similar, but except for the general desire to see freedom, we are not. Libertarians are a bit too free for most conservative tastes. Brevik seems to have visited hookers and taken drugs, indulged in fantasies of violence and admired people like Geert Wilders. None of these are ‘conservative’ in my book, neither are the ‘pro-gay’ opinions or his virtual worship of Israel.

But whatever did happen, it matters little, because people’s opinions have already been formed, given to them on a plate courtesy of the MSM, and the story, is and always will be, some right-wing, Christian fundamentalist nut, killed kids and blew up some buildings, see, you are all the same, religion is BAD!

I can now see what is in the future. We shall see more and more attacks by ‘Christians’ against innocent children and pregnant women, we shall see crazed white men murder innocent foreigners, and all the time our governments will be cracking down on us, everyone to the ‘right’ of Obama or Tony Blair or which ever frothing lefty is in government at that time.

The time draws near, when we will be arrested, only for criticising what our tyrannical governments are doing, and it is events like these that will give them their excuse to clamp down on us.

2 thoughts on “Norway massacre

  1. Many forget that Oklahoma was a retribution attack, specifically done in revenge for the holocaust of innocents by government forces at Waco.

  2. But that is another example of a story that has been twisted by the MSM.

    The official story is: some religious nut, who abused kids, made his brainless followers kill themselves and the government tried to stop him.

    I know that is no where near what happened, but that is the popular view!

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