America will go bankrupt!

As I mentioned yesterday, the MSM seem to be completely cut off from reality, living in that bubble must make them terminally moronic, because they are still parroting the line that America may default on its debt ‘if‘ those nasty Republicans refuse to raise America’s debt ceiling!

I have got some news for the MSM, or olds for us narrow-minded right-wing nuts on the internet, you know that place where people can write ‘anything they want’, the horror of it, how uncouth! The news, is that America will go bankrupt, there is no if about that, but then most major nations will go bankrupt not long after America, possibly before, it is a certainty, just as death and judgement is a certainty.

For anyone who reads this, please take this one thing from here, America will not pay off its debt, it can’t pay off its debt, neither can Britain or France or Italy or Ireland or Greece or Portugal or Spain, etc, etc…

All of these nations, plus a few more I would imagine, are beyond the point of no return, they have passed that crucial point where they should have stopped piling debt upon even more debt and begun to cut back government spending and freeze borrowing, but politicians being the whores that they are could not help themselves, they borrowed more, because they have no spine, no guts, no sense and no morality. The MSM is not innocent, every time someone mentioned cuts, they paraded sorry cases in front of the cameras or wrote of them in their rags, weeping crocodile tears and condemning the good sense of cuts, well now its too late, and we must now face the consequences of the actions and inactions of our useless, whorish elite.

The MSM have never challenged any government spending, never, there may have been the odd rag or reporter in the useless MSM that complained about a specific spend, but their aim was always to increase their pet projects, free housing, free money(benefits), free stuff for feckless young girls who get pregnant, free bus passes for old people and people with ‘mental health issues’, free money and free rent and bills paid for whole sections of society, the lazy, the spendthrift, the useless, the incapable, the alien, all on someone elses farthing!

When inevitably government reached a natural limit to spending other people’s money, they borrowed it, and borrowed in vast amounts, again all of this was supposed to be paid by you and other taxpayers, you are the collateral to those loans, not the feckless or lazy, but the decent, the hardworking, the industrious. The lickspittles in control pimped you out without you even knowing it, your taxes have been auctioned to the bankster parasites so that they may live easy lives on your hard work, and your elected leaders did it to you. The whores in government sold you into slavery for a metaphorical few pieces of silver, they get some freebies from the parasite banksters and a nice sinecure when they step down from office and no one thinks or asks, how were we sold so deeply into slavery?

And so, we approach the inevitable conclusion, bankruptcy, but don’t worry too much, the bankster parasites will continue living well, they will ensure that they are instrumental in the rebuilding after the collapse, and the political whores, if they know whats good for them, which I believe they do, will scamper off to Switzerland or the Caribbean to their nice safe retreats, whilst all you debt slaves will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Imagine what the other parasites will do once their benefits stop? You know the aliens, the chavs, the criminal classes, do you believe they will leave us alone? Do you believe they will just say to themselves, ‘oh well, we had a good run of getting something for nothing’? Really?

So, the MSM are, as per usual, miles from the real issue, this is not a matter of ‘if‘ America goes bankrupt, it is a questions of when, because sooner or later it will happen, and there is nothing that can be done, but to delay the inevitable.

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