More Crisis

So now we are seeing the continuation of the economic crisis by other means, the risk of sovereign default! What amazes me is that our elites and useless MSM have been able to delay it this long. Now we are reaping the fruits of our mistakes, if our governments, and the fat, corrupt elite had allowed the banks to go bust in 2008, we would probably be coming out of recession now, going into another boom, but no, our elites are too afraid to let the chips fall where they may, they are too greedy to allow their paymasters and ‘friends’ to go under, so it is us, the taxpayer who must pay for these parasites!

We should not underestimate the possibility that they could still, even now, kick the can down the road, but every time they do, the distance the can travels diminishes.

My hope is that this charade ends now, that we get this over and done with, but seeing their past responses, we can only look forward to more bailouts, more taxpayer rape and more looting of our nations!

My hope is that they all go bankrupt! It would serve them right!

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