Fjordman’s mistake

I was a bit annoyed at the actions of Fjordman, or Peder Jenson, in going voluntarily to the police and allowing them to seize some of his equipment, namely his computer, filled as it is with information that the ‘intelligence agencies’ will now use against anyone Fjordman has had contact with.

I know that it is easy of me to write this, as I’ve not been refered to in the magnum opus of Breivik, but I think he should at least have hidden or destroyed anything that could have been useful to the authorities. It also seems that he is taking too much responsibility for the massacre, almost as if he himself believes in some way that this was partly his fault!

The truth is, violence is inevitable, it is the result of decades of wrong turns and moronic politicians running their countries into the ground and whoring out their people to the highest bidder, a reaction is unavoidable. It seems that if Breivik was responsible, he was targeting the political class of his country, the very traitors that have been selling us down the river for generations, if this was a wider conspiracy, or if Breivik was only some sort of patsy, whether he knows or not, means that this could be a way for the elites to slow down reaction against their ongoing treason, by the ‘indigenous’ Peoples of Europe.

Fjordman is an intelligent fellow, but I think this shows that he does not really understand the gravity of the situation, he should never have volunteered information to the police, he should never have exposed himself and should never allow the powers that be to have such access as they now have, to the mine of information on his hard drive.

This is a war, it is a war by them, on us, only not many people seem to even notice.

We need to get wise to it.

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