Blacks on the rampage!

I’m not a great fan of the police, they represent the militarised arm of our enemy, they are the ones who arrest people for stating, quite politely on the radio, that they see homosexuality as wrong, they are the same people who arrest EDF members and go along with the elite in harassing BNP members. They are also the very same people who stamp on anyone who expresses opinion about immigration or Islam or who opposes the government.

However, being honest, British police are some of the least nasty, the most approachable police I have met!

It may be something to do with them not having guns, or walking in the streets, or just being English. The thing I find frustrating is that the police seem to go for that which is easy, they screw drivers who drive a bit over the speed limit, they prosecute ‘homophobes’ or ‘racists’ but seem to avoid getting involved with black criminals, which I suppose is understandable since whites don’t stick knives in their hearts but black ‘youths’ do seem to want to!

The riot last night shows the police to be weak, they allowed the violence to go on and on, because they don’t want to hurt some black guy because they get crucified if they do, they can’t spray water at them or use tear gas, because that’s not allowed in this country as it’s seen as ‘disproportionate’, which is fine in a civilised country, but look at what England has become!

Multiculturalism requires a powerful police state if it is to work, a police state is what I don’t want, and it’s probably not what you want, but it is necessary in a disparate, divided society.

Sometimes the more conspiratorial part of me thinks that perhaps this is the point, if you were an evil genius who wanted to establish a police state, but knew the plebs would rebel, how best to ensure you get want you want? Bring in a violent minority, allow them to run riot, weaken the police and hey presto, the people demand you create a police state to ensure their safety!

Maybe I’m wrong, probably am, but well there you have it!

A police state or an expulsion of the violent minorities, or the end of our people is the end result!

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