Chimp out in Tottenham


It’s always hilarious when the MSM refer to blacks, especially when blacks are committing crimes or rioting as they are doing at the moment in north London. When they refer to blacks they use the word ‘community’ as in the grievances of the local community, it’s actually a bit like the word ‘nigger’ only from a lefty!

Well it seems some black drug dealer was shot by police after he shot at them when they attempted to arrest him for his crime, in reaction, the ‘local community’ have decided to burn down buildings, burn a bus and two police cars, well that makes sense! Who was it who said deportation was something we should not talk about?

This is diverse London in all it’s glory! Thank God I don’t live anywhere near that dump, I have been there in the past, a few years ago, what was apparent even then was the hatred shown me by the blacks of Tottenham, just because I was White, it was most uncomfortable and I’ve not been back since.

Welcome to the future!

3 thoughts on “Chimp out in Tottenham

  1. Yeh send the monkeys back to africa f***** ruined the UK, We once had an empire now we got a slum. They are all trouble. HATE the media and politicians who have not got the balls to say it is the black bastards who cause all this trouble. They scream for justice, i want justice by sending them back to the Congo.

  2. If you read my blog, you will find that that us exactly my point. ‘my’ civilisation, as you put it is degraded, whites were involved in a small way, the sort of whites who cavort with blacks, who breed with blacks and who have taken on their degraded culture!

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