Tottenham Riot

The morning after the night before and Tottenham lies part ruined, buildings are still smoking, many vehicles are burnt out, many shops have been looted and ransacked and as per usual, no black man is taking any responsibility!

They blame the police, they blame outsiders, they blame a ‘tiny minority’, but no one seems to see the blooming obvious, it was young black men taking their opportunity to get back at ‘the man’ and steal some free stuff as well!

The council leader of Haringey, the council that covers Tottenham made an absurd statement about how everyone in Tottenham lived peaceably with each other, how it was a great multi cultural area! No, that lie was exposed last night, it is a dive, a criminal nest of scumbags, this is Tottenham.

I see that these same black criminals targeted reporters, cameramen, photographers, assaulting them and stealing their equipment! It seems any whites in the area were targeted, but don’t worry, it’s apparently not racism when they target us, only when we target others.

This is where multiculturalism ends, in riot and mass criminality, it is not about police harassment or the shooting, it is about black resentment of whites and their own failure.

And except for the odd comment made by the public on newpapers online, no one will admit this.


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